Nov. 18th, 2009

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I was on the Naruto Wiki today seeing what I could find out about Suigetsu's brother. (The released information simply states that he and Suigetsu were going to be the best swordsmen ever!! Then the brother died, so Suigetsu went, "Screw this, I'll collect swords now." Suigetsuuu.) I ended up on Suigetsu's page, where whoever had written the article was like, "Suigetsu kills people even though Sasuke says not to, which shows his darker side and is a sign of things to come." Uh, no, it's not. It's just a sign that Suigetsu's a psycho. I sincerely hope that Kishimoto's not going to turn the non-Sasuke members of Taka into villains after Sasuke inevitably reforms. Since Taka seems like an alternate Team 7, and I've grown attached to them, I think it'd be cruel to suddenly have the heroes take them out. If Kishimoto takes that route, I won't be pleased.

ANYWAY. Only a week until I go home!! I have a midterm in my science class on Monday. I don't know if I have to revise my play for Thursday, since we only have to read one more person's first draft... It only took me 2 hours to write my first draft (and it ended up being 18 pages, sob), and I don't have that much to change, so it shouldn't take me that long. I just don't feel like printing out all those pages again... Everyone said they liked mine when we read it, so I don't know if he'll even have me do it again.

Today in Fiction we got into groups of three to discuss our second stories. The two other girls in my group liked my story!! I was glad~ This story revolved around the paranormal, though, which is really what a lot of the stuff I write involves, so I wasn't that worried about it. Then I suggested an idea to one of the girls about her story which she really liked and might even use in her revision, so I felt good about that!

Tomorrow I'm off to the aquarium. My friend said it takes a long time and involves going through every single exhibit and was kind of boring, but oh well. I get to go look at fish for FREE, so I'll make a day of it!


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