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MY ACCOUNT EXPIRED SO ALL MY ICONS DIED, NOOOO. All my Kyo Kara Maoh ones are a thing of the past now...

So everyone's been talking about the decade ending and stuff! At first I was like "who the hell cares, time is only something people choose to put value on," and I still agree with that, but I got to thinking about how much has really changed in the past ten years.
--My best friend and I still had a plan where we would go to Eastlake High School together and then go on to the UW. We'd be roommates and then always stay in touch with each other. But by 2001 I'd decided to go to UCLA to become a director/screenwriter (LOL PAST SELF SORRY), and she didn't end up going to the UW anyway, and today we're not even in contact.
--I wore tie-dye then. The horror.
--I wore Nike boys shoes because it was the only way I figured I could cross-dress.
--I had recently created characters called Akira Anonymous and Ryoga Hawkins. (Those. Names.) Obviously by this point I no longer write stories with them, of course! I mean, why would I.
--I was obsessed with Japan in general and gave everything Japanese-sounding names. In fifth grade I primarily wrote a story called "No Reason to Live" (WHAT A GOOD EMO KID I WAS) centering on brothers named Akira and Tenchi Matsuda whose friend/girlfriend Makota had gone missing. I reread it recently; it is a TERRIBLE story with terrible dialogue and terrible plot twists. A bunch of girls in my class read it back then and loved it. Go figure.
--I loved anime, but obviously the only stuff I was able to watch at the time was Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Tenchi Muyo. I also loved manga but only could read Takahashi stuff.
--I didn't know who CLAMP was but loved Rayearth and was freaked out by X/1999.
--I thought I was totally superior to everyone else. I still do think I'm the most awesome person alive, but I can actually justify it now. Back then I was just full of myself and "above" everyone else, but I was only better academically.
--I often stood in 38 degree weather in short sleeves in the rain because I was training to be okay in cold weather because my parents said we would go on an Alaskan cruise.
--...Basically I was totally different only really pretty much the same only not as much of a jerk. Well. I didn't realize I was being a jerk then, and that's what matters.

Ten years ago on New Year's Eve, my parents and I watched Yellow Submarine. Then they watched some movie downstairs when I went upstairs and secretly watched a South Park marathon. (They didn't let me watch it then.) I found the show quite vulgar and really didn't like it, but I made myself watch an episode anyway. Then they came up in enough time for midnight. Whatever news station we were watching showed how other parts of the world were celebrating New Year's. Las Vegas came onto the screen, and my mom said, "That looks like a nice place to live." Right then I got a terrible feeling in my stomach, and I knew we'd be moving here.

Sometimes I wonder how I'd have turned out if we'd stayed in Washington, but it's pointless to think about. We wouldn't have been able to afford it, and by sixth grade there I was burning out quickly, so I think I wouldn't have ended up nearly as happy/fulfilled/amazing as I am now. I grew up a lot in the last ten years and acquired many skills, so hopefully in the next ten years I'll be able to stand on my own two feet and proudly alert the world to my presence.
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Yesterday was pretty awesome! ♥ I've been having a pretty good week, really. On Tuesday we went to the Planet Hollywood buffet, which was thankfully delicious! I had cotton candy. Then we went out for our Christmas meal on Thursday to save money and went to the M buffet, which was ~heaven~. I frolicked with olive bread, calamari, souffles, and pork.

So here is a record of the presents I got, in no specific order!
--VIDEO GAMES: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Nintendogs, Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 (I wanted this one for like 10 years fff), Cooking Mama 3
--DVDs: UP, The Dark Knight (yes, the same copy my dad bought on Black Friday...), High School Musical 2: Extended Version (I'll play it repeatedly day and night), Fight Club (so now I have both that and the novel), Titanic (okay no this is what I'll be watching repeatedly-- I had a VHS copy taped off Pay-Per-View 12 years ago, so finally I have a nice DVD version!)
--MANGA: Junjo Romantica 11, Yakitate!! Japan 19 and 20, Otomen 3 and 4 (YAAAY I LOVE OTOMEN SO MUCH)
--BOOKS: 3 Calvin and Hobbes collections, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (I haven't read the former since tenth grade, so I'm looking to seeing if I'll ship Roark/Peter as much as then)
--OH HEY YOUNG AVENGERS: Young Avengers/Runaways: Secret Invasion (so now I have a complete set of YA graphic novels until that terrible Dark Reign run is released!)
--OTHER: Nutella, UNO

Then my aunt and uncle gave me money so I might get a digital camera with it! But first I have to go investigate brands. So as you can see, it was a very successful Christmas!!

Today we're going shopping, but I don't know for what or where. All I know is that all three of us are going to watch UP together!! yaaaay~ And then tomorrow we're seeing Sherlock Holmes, which I'm super looking forward to. I've heard that if you're familiar with the original novels it's kinda annoying in parts, but I've never read ANY Sherlock Holmes ever so I won't even notice. And I love Robert Downey Jr. (and not-so-secretly Jude Law), so there was no way I wasn't going to see it.
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So I got my grades for the quarter back!! I was pretty nervous because basically every single one relied on my final exams/projects, so I wasn't really sure what they were going to turn out like. Luckily, I ended up getting my first ever A+ thanks to Natural Disasters, a B+ in Sci-Fi Lit, an A in Screenwriting, and an A in Short Fiction. As a result, it ended up beating last quarter as my best quarter at UCSD!!

SHORT RECAP OF MY CLASSES (now that I have grades back and can comfortably make judgments on them):
Intro to Playwriting: I put two Phoenix Wright references in my play. I couldn't help it. One of the characters was a lawyer, and I am weak. I actually meant to take them out after the first draft, but no one caught them, and then I forgot. Such is life. I also had one of the characters call another "reject" (because I didn't like the word that was originally there) for the sole reason that I wanted to hear someone other than me say "reject." I almost burst out giggling when my classmate had to say it when we were rehearsing... So unprofessional...
Sci-Fi Literature: I learned that I am not into sci-fi literature. What a shock. Basically, if I have to visualize it for myself, I never really want to, so as a result reading sci-fi doesn't do much for me. (Once again, I really liked Ubik, though!) But seeing it in movies and tv is fine, obviously. The fact that I wrote a serious essay about Primeval for a letter grade is something I'll never live down.
Natural Disasters: I am terrible at science. I always have been. I'll never understand it. I can study for hours and think I know everything, only to go in and find out that I don't. But ANYWAY, despite all odds that only I will ever know about, I ended up with an A+. It is a success story, reminiscent of that time in Chemistry in 10th grade when I failed every single test but got a 100% on every quiz and did all extra credit and also ended up with an A+. Only not that bad, trust me.
Short Fiction: 50% of the grade was participation-based, and I only talked when prompted. And somehow I ended up with a flat A! Another success story. I was never really clear on what "participation" was in that class, so I guess the fact I attended every class and did all my work and extra credit counted the most. Plus, like I said the other day, she really liked my visual project, which I did put a lot of thought into! (Because, secretly, this person does like doing projects like that...) But yeah, I'm really glad I got an A in it!!

So now I've been home for almost a week. I've been playing Persona 4 a lot! I got to the first time that Yosuke is a total jerk to Kanji, and I wanted to jump down his throat so badly, seriously. Instead Souji Seta sat there noncommittally until I could finally make him say something to Kanji, which didn't help the situation anyway. Oh well. Kanji meanwhile is SO CUTE. I wish he existed in real life just so I could hug him a lot.

We're decorating our tree today! Usually we do it earlier than this, but there were other things to attend to. We've started making cookies too! They're absolutely delicious so far, but that's par for the course for my family. Then tomorrow we're going to Sweet Tomatoes and to the bookstore so I can get books of my own volition and not because my courses next quarter are requiring me to, hahaha sob. Maybe I'll get something for myself anyway.
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SO THIS WEEK... I had to find a faculty adviser for my internship. I actually started doing this like three or four weeks ago, but basically no one was able to help me. I ended up writing several emails and meeting a lot of people over it (you can imagine how much I enjoyed this), and eventually (yesterday) the director of the internship program hooked me up with an adviser. Luckily, that panned out! I guess I should have gotten in contact with the director sooner; it's not like I went in twice or sent her two emails before then or anything. I'm trying not to be bitter, but the process was really stressful. Everything worked out, though, so I should be grateful. Hopefully the program and my college approve me!

CLASSES ENDED. I'm going to miss my Playwriting class the most. The people there were just awesome. Probably the best memory I'm going to take away from it was when one girl wrote a comedy and cast me as a religious nut who swears all the time. Everyone laughed after all my lines. :'D I had to say, "Christians unite!" and I'd say it really, really cheerfully, and after that my TA kept saying that to me at random intervals...

I'm also really grateful that I took that Short Fiction class. My professor was super nice, and I wouldn't mind taking another class with her. We read some cool stories in there too. Hearing everyone's stories was also really interesting, comparing and contrasting their styles and everything... I think I got stronger as a writer, too. I still don't think I'm a good writer, but I'm getting there. I still remember a few years ago when I thought that writing was something you're either naturally good at or you're not, so it was hopeless for me to try to get better. But I'm glad to be proving myself wrong.

Now I'm off to start my Primeval essay. I was reading interviews with the writers and actors, and it really reminded me why I love that show! It's definitely my third-favorite British show (behind Murder City and Spaced, and edging out Blackadder). I'm waiting patiently for 2011!
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1. Black Friday was really, uh, special this year because since 11th grade I've been waking up at like 4 and heading straight out. This year I got up at 6, sat around watching The Nanny for an hour, and left at about 7. What the hell was I going to go do, you know? My dad instead went out and got me The Dark Knight, and then we all went out and bought me red high-tops so now my life is mostly fulfilled. I also got an umbrella that has a huge reputation to work up to!! We'll see if it can fulfill its obligations. I also got a Mocha Frappuchino; the guy drew a smiley face for me! I think that's all I got. Yeah.

2. I DON'T THINK I HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY YET but tomorrow I'm headed straight back to the mines. I have to shake people down and make them sign paperwork for me.

3. I played Persona 4 for seven hours this weekend! This is as much as I played it all summer. My unintelligible ranting will go under this cut. )

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I had barbecue for Thanksgiving!! It was delicious like I figured it would be! Anyway, this is a SHORT POST because I have things to do! (this Naruto arc man oh man do you know how happily I squealed watching Sasuke's eye get torn out [however not in actuality that happened] oh maaaan it made me so happy)

Yesterday I got two Roxy shirts, two pairs of jeans (I went down a size yessss), a suitcase, fro-yo, and a pair of Converse! I am happy. Tomorrow we're getting me a pair of red high-tops to make me even happier. I don't know where we're going for Black Friday yet because all I really want is UP which isn't even on sale haha oh self this is going nowhere good. POSING QUESTION: WILL I END UP WITH NOTHING ON A BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN? The answer will come tomorrow. But I'm getting a Frappuchino no matter what because why do you THINK I'm waking up that early? (Uh, like, 4:30 or something.) For the Frappuchino. Duh.

Also I've been rereading Young Avengers Presents, so expect a post on that. You know, like all the other Marvel posts I've promised over the last few months. HA. HA. HA.
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Yesterday I went to the aquarium! I had to do a 4-paged worksheet for my class. It was really boring and involved going through exhibits and watching scientists talk for an hour. But I got to go look at the fish, and they had THE CUTEST LEOPARD SHARKS EVER. There were three of them in the tank with some other fish, and they each had their own personalities! There was one at the top of the tank with this HUGE SMILE who kept sticking his head out of the water and sticking it back in and swimming quickly around, and then there was in the middle with a half-smile who was just kinda following him around, and then there was one near the ground who was all >| >| >| and swimming warily and ahhhh I could have watched them forever. I was grinning so hard. It made the entire thing worth it.

So today I volunteered to have my play revision done by Tuesday! I also have to have one of my stories revised by Tuesday (I'm doing the jousei one, natch). And I have to meet my fiction professor to talk about my second story. And I have a science midterm on Monday. I guess it's not as much as I thought... I guess I should also start researching for my Sci-Fi paper. I decided to do it on Heat Guy J because Gundam is so high school (aunque Yzak aún es soldado que lucha contra su amigo). But today I started thinking I don't have the effort to think about sci-fi elements in that series I should do Primeval instead. Because Primeval is Primeval.

I'm off to do homework now!
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I was on the Naruto Wiki today seeing what I could find out about Suigetsu's brother. (The released information simply states that he and Suigetsu were going to be the best swordsmen ever!! Then the brother died, so Suigetsu went, "Screw this, I'll collect swords now." Suigetsuuu.) I ended up on Suigetsu's page, where whoever had written the article was like, "Suigetsu kills people even though Sasuke says not to, which shows his darker side and is a sign of things to come." Uh, no, it's not. It's just a sign that Suigetsu's a psycho. I sincerely hope that Kishimoto's not going to turn the non-Sasuke members of Taka into villains after Sasuke inevitably reforms. Since Taka seems like an alternate Team 7, and I've grown attached to them, I think it'd be cruel to suddenly have the heroes take them out. If Kishimoto takes that route, I won't be pleased.

ANYWAY. Only a week until I go home!! I have a midterm in my science class on Monday. I don't know if I have to revise my play for Thursday, since we only have to read one more person's first draft... It only took me 2 hours to write my first draft (and it ended up being 18 pages, sob), and I don't have that much to change, so it shouldn't take me that long. I just don't feel like printing out all those pages again... Everyone said they liked mine when we read it, so I don't know if he'll even have me do it again.

Today in Fiction we got into groups of three to discuss our second stories. The two other girls in my group liked my story!! I was glad~ This story revolved around the paranormal, though, which is really what a lot of the stuff I write involves, so I wasn't that worried about it. Then I suggested an idea to one of the girls about her story which she really liked and might even use in her revision, so I felt good about that!

Tomorrow I'm off to the aquarium. My friend said it takes a long time and involves going through every single exhibit and was kind of boring, but oh well. I get to go look at fish for FREE, so I'll make a day of it!
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Today was that beach trip! It was actually pretty boring because all we did was listen to the TA talk about faults and stuff. We had to draw diagrams of stuff too, and none of us had any idea what we were doing, so we kept looking over at each other's papers and copying each other. We had to separate into two groups at the beginning, so I went in a group with this cute boy wearing a Billabong shirt that I really wanted to buy in red at Disneyland back in June, but it cost over 40 dollars so I couldn't get it. My shoes didn't actually get messed up!! Sand didn't get in them at all; I was impressed.

I didn't end up going to the aquarium because it was too far to walk, and I ended up in the back of the shuttle so I just decided to screw it. Instead I went back to campus and got lunch and fro-yo. (The fro-yo only cost $1.13 even though I got a lot with a ton of cherries!! I was so happy.) Oh yeah, yesterday I got yakatori! It was delicious and tasted like that one box of Christmas decorations at my house smells. If that makes any sense at all. I even got green onions on them even though I have a phobia of green onions. My eating habits are still mysterious.

For some reason I really want to put all my school books for next quarter on my Christmas list and be like, "Please buy me these before anything else! ♥" NO SELF NO; THAT ISN'T THE EXAMPLE I'VE SET FOR YOU ALL THESE YEARS. I realized that I haven't bought myself anything since September 30 (Yotsuba& 6), and then I was like, "What am I talking about! I buy myself food every day. I should be satisfied by that." I can't tell if I've become jaded or practical. I am weirdly satisfied this way, too. I feel like buying a ton of stuff just to spite myself now.
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Today I woke up early to sign up for classes! Then ten hours later I dumped 3/4th of those and enrolled in new ones. I'm not going to go into the details because all of the scheduling this time was too stressful and overwhelming, but I'm actually really pleased with what I ended up with! I'm taking Intercultural Writing for just under three hours every Monday (it's with a professor I like, and I don't really know what we're going to learn about, so I'm excited), then I'm taking a course on the French Revolution (FINALLY, I've only been saying I'm going to for like thirty years), and then a literature course on popular culture. In the latter, we're going to read On the Road! I remember talking about that in some English class in high school, but I don't remember which one. For some reason back then I was really envious of Kerouac. Not really sure why; I haven't thought about that in years.

I had yesterday off, but all I did was watch the twelfth Pokémon movie. It was actually pretty good, although all the time paradoxes in the end kind of made my head hurt. Also, the villain from the previous movie, Zero, showed up in the ending credits and was given a tiny version of his computer (who takes the form of a girl), and he was SO happy to see her. It was adorable.

The other night I thought, "I want to watch something uplifting." I ended up watching the Naruto Shippuden episode where Spoiler dies. Predictably I cried through it, just as I've done every time I've read that arc in the manga. Especially that part where he says how he couldn't rescue Orochimaru, aaaah. Anyway, I can't wait to watch last week's episode, since Suigetsu's in it! I want to make more icons. I can't believe we're finally in the Sasuke Eye Removal arc! It's my second-favorite arc.

Tomorrow I'm going to be walking on the beach! I have no beach shoes, so I'm sacrificing my Explicit Content Inside Converse high-tops. (They're on their last leg anyway; I have to get more shoes.) Then this weekend I have to go actually find some nice dress clothes, since I have an interview on Monday for my internship. Still so much left to do this quarter!
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Today I was proactive AGAIN and went to a practicum info session. I was wondering if I'd find out how long the proposals are supposed to be, so I figured I might as well go. Predictably, the proposal wasn't even mentioned, just what you could do to satisfy the practicum in the first place. But I did get a pack of Whoppers out of it! And the adviser said that if you're doing an internship, then she pretty much approves you automatically, which was nice to hear. Then on the way out I looked at a bulletin board which stated the maximum length for proposals, so in the end it wasn't a wasted trip.

Then I went to Burger King, since I had a coupon for a free Whopper. I guess that was the theme of today. I had a Diet Coke too, of course.

Next Friday I'm going to have to do stuff too; I have to go on the beach walk for my Natural Disasters class. Plus while I'm down there, I figure I'll go the aquarium, since we have to do an assignment there too for the class. Might as well save time, and I get in free because I'll be going through the educator entrance.

Oh yeah, and I have next Wednesday off! It's so weird to have the middle of the week off.
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Today I was proactive and went to see a History adviser about getting a minor! She told me that apparently I can waive both the lower-division requirements because of my AP scores (YESSSS), so all I have to do is take four more upper-div courses! It turns out that I have to take them for a letter grade, but oh well. I've never actually taken anything P/NP because my pride gets in the way and goes, "Wait, if you choose that option, it's like admitting you won't get an A." I just can't do it.

So in another week I'll be signing up for classes! It's that uncomfortable time of the quarter where I worry that all the spots are going to be filled before I get there. In fact, there are only 12 more spots in the writing class I want to take, noooo. I ran into a minor snafu yesterday when my school changed that class from a T/Th one to a M/W one, thus destroying the perfect schedule I'd created, but I've come up with another bunch of classes I want to take instead! One of which is that Italian Works in Translation class that I REALLY REALLY wanted to take (for whatever reason), so it works out. I JUST HOPE I GET THAT WRITING CLASS.
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Today my playwriting TA said that, since our class is small, we should have the first drafts of our plays ready in a week (instead of next Thursday like it said on the syllabus). So I guess I should get started on that! I don't feel like it tonight, though. I also have to write another story for Fiction by next Thursday, but I don't really have any ideas for it yet. My professor said that she really likes creepy stuff, so I'll guess I'll bring that to the yard again instead of toning it down! ("Everyone said your last piece was creepy, though." SHUT UP IT WAS NOT.)

I noticed yesterday that so far in my Fiction class, the girls' stories are about relationships, while the guys' are about post-apocalyptic stuff. (Seriously, practically all of them. It's weird.) Even I wasn't the exception... But one guy said in his letter to me, "Usually I don't like this kind of relationship-y stuff, but this was pretty damn good," HAHAHA. So whatever, I guess I just have a different take on that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, in my Sci-Fi class, we've begun to discuss Watchmen. And for some reason I was able to see every panel we were talking about in my mind even though I've only read it 1.5 times and seen the movie, which was weird. My professor mentioned stuff like how the tone in comics shifted in the 80s, and about the Comics Code, and I was like, "...Wow, I know all this stuff just from reading my dad's column." (I ALSO accidentally spoke up for the first time in class because some girl asked if having separate people being writer and artist was the norm, since she always thought the same person did both jobs, and my professor said, "Well, Frank Miller both wrote and drew some of his work... Right?" and sounded unsure, so I went, "YEAH," without thinking about it, and a few people turned and looked at me, sob.)

I GUESS I SHOULD DO ACTUAL WORK NOW; also only three weeks yes~
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I'm so happy it's November! In just over three weeks, I'll be going home for Thanksgiving. This time I'm playing it differently by going home Tuesday night and coming back early Monday morning. And I'm not taking a suitcase with me due to a completely justified phobia. I don't actually know what we're doing for Thanksgiving yet! (Not that I ever know.) I really, really want to go to the barbecue place again like last year because I love barbecue. But we'll see what happens!

This weekend I did absolutely nothing except be exhausted. On Thursday night, I decided I'd be totally awesome and finish all my homework right then! And here we are Sunday night, and I still have to do all of it. I did do my science homework due Friday, though!
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So today I was super nervous for a few reasons, and then my body decided to do that secret stress thing today so I was in TERRIBLE physical condition. But then everything turned out well for the most part, so I'm just so relieved.

First I had to present the revision of my play scenario to my playwriting class! They gave one suggestion about it, and I was like, "Oh yeah, that would be better than how it is now, thanks," and then my TA said he loved the scenario and couldn't wait to read it! And I was the only person told that today, aaaah so happy. (I think I'm feeling inspired to go on to taking a screenwriting class, whenever they're offering that. I always do write things in my head more for tv or movies than novel format, so I really should look into it.)

Then much later in the day my story was being reviewed in my fiction class, and it was the last one (out of three) that we were discussing today so it was kind of nervewracking. And then everyone loved it except for like two people AAAAAAAH I AM SO HAPPY. They wrote me such nice comments on the letters they gave me. ;; I'm so glad everything turned out for the best. I'll just continue to believe in myself!!

I am so tired right now, so thank goodness tomorrow's Friday. WHAT A STRESSFUL WEEK. But I think I'll be able to take it easy(ish) for the next few days.


MY INTERNET DIED ON ME. It had been acting up for the past week (not connecting me for like an hour after starting my computer), but it stopped working all together last night at 11:30 (right before I was about to post the above). So today I had to talk to three people. The first two were helpful, but the third was from a different company (my router stopped working, so I called my cable company first and they sent me to the router makers) who offered no good solutions. So I resorted to using my 30-foot connector cable, and that worked! Only now it stretches across three rooms and is both an eyesore and a hazard. I can't wait to talk to my roommate about it when she gets home! This crap always seems to happen to me.
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Today I had to leave super early again for that Academic Internship appointment. The director asked me if my goal was to make comic strips, and I was like, "Um... Sure." She kept calling them that. Basically I can't do anything until I get paperwork signed, plus I have to find a faculty adviser to oversee me, which is awesome since I have only talked to two professors ever and neither will fit this. I guess I'll just randomly email someone and be like, "You don't know me, but could you help me out? :)" Not quite looking forward to that. Next quarter I'll have to write a 10-page paper about my internship, but the director said I could make a comic strip instead! If only I could draw. (Honestly, the other night I was mapping out bl manga in my head; I wish I had an artist friend aaaaah.)

Other school news! On Thursday we had to present our play scenarios, and everyone terribly misheard one of my character's names, so everyone laughed at me. And then when they finally quieted down so I could continue, I cracked a joke about it and everyone laughed again. I was pretty pleased, haha. Anyway, my TA suggested that I take my protagonist, who was the fiancee of one of the characters, and figure out 5-10 other things she could be. He said she could be a cousin instead, and everyone was like, "But what about the sexual tension?!" and he was like, "Well, you could keep that in," and everyone started freaking out about incest, while I was like, "DON'T SUGGEST THINGS LIKE THAT TO ME; I'LL TAKE YOU UP ON IT." And I almost went down that route! But in the end I worked out something else that led to me completely revamping the plot, and I like it a lot more now!

Meanwhile, I had to write a story for fiction class that I'm not sure about, but I'm handing it in anyway. I realized that if you were classifying it like manga, it'd be jousei, and the thought of me writing jousei is weird and strange. Wonder if my class will like it...

Anyway, I finally have free time for the first time in over a week! "What about your science homework?" Ah, yes, free time, how I've missed you! I'm going to spend the rest of the night (such as it is) catching up on all the television I've fallen way behind on. Guess I'll start with White Collar.
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Today after I ate lunch I went over to the literature building! They were, thankfully, open. So I went up to the woman working the front desk and asked if I could make an appointment. "Oh," she replied, "we don't make appointments anymore. We just do walk-ins."

I took on that look where my mouth is smiling but my eyes really aren't, and as I tried to convince myself not to respond with, "But, um, your sign out front that I just read states that you make appointments. I guess ALL of your signs lie," she continued to say, "So do you just want to walk in now?" And I was like, "...Yes. Please."

So then I went into an adviser's office, and first I had to wait for her to finish whatever she was doing, and then I told her I wanted to change my major, and then she went through my file, and then she was like, "Okay, cool, looks like everything is order! So you just have to change it on [our school website], and they'll get back to you!"

So, basically, I didn't even need to go in or talk to anyone or sign any papers.


Anyway, I submitted it for review, so someone should email me sooner or later and be like, "'k cool you are a writing major." Hopefully they'll say that, at least.

In other news, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the guy working the internship desk at the time? Recognized me. Apparently we had nonfiction class together last year. I vaguely remembered him after he said this (we didn't have section together, and there were 90 people in the class, so). It's just so weird that people keep recognizing me when I've never spoken to them before.
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Today I woke up bright and early to go to campus to talk to a literature adviser to change my major! So I made over there by 11, only to find... A locked office. The lights were on, but no one was inside. There was a sign in the window that stated, "Office open M-F from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM! :)" And I was like, "CLEARLY IT ISN'T, LIARS."

So then I decided to screw it and went upstairs to talk to the academic internship people instead. I was just there to find out when the deadline was to apply for people who've found internships on their own (since it fails to say so on the site), but somehow I ended up filling out an application. And I have an appointment with an internship adviser for next Monday at 11. Which is hilarious because a) it means I have to go over there early again and then kill time for hours, and b) technically I do not have an internship and really have nothing to say to the adviser other than, "Well, I'll be getting it!" Oh, self, you make the best decisions.

Then I went to the library, did more research for my sci-fi paper, then did homework for like two hours (most of which was spent staring out the window; augh it was so boring). And then I went to lunch and bought hazelnut milk tea! And then I went to class where we discussed Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens and the Snake River and I was like, "I already know all this! Score!" (For those unaware, I once hiked up Mt. Rainier for my sixth grade trip! The other classes got to do some "team-building" exercise involving ropes in like Kirkland or something. We got to walk across narrow paths high up that didn't have handrails. I am surprisingly not bitter about this.)

I guess I'll just make an appointment with the literature adviser? (Appointments are in the afternoon; walk-ins in the morning.) I didn't before because I didn't know who to address the email to. But after today, I'm not that keen on trying the walk-in route again.
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I watched the third Bleach movie today! It was strangely good. The plot wasn't boring, and there weren't any real plotholes, and even though Ishida didn't show up at all, I still enjoyed it. It actually made me fall back in love with the series a bit. (Then I remembered how the manga's currently nonstop battles mixed with females getting mutilated/dying, and I fell a bit back out again.) And I love Renji. Even though it's been years since I didn't like him, it still feels weird.

Today my dad got a drawing from Kate Beaton at the convention he was at! I am so happy, words can't describe. I found out she was there this morning, and I freaked out and made an overly nervous call to my dad (because I was worried about bothering him, haha), but everything worked out!

I still have some homework to do. Mainly I still have to write a scenario and then do stuff for Fiction. I did my science homework due next Friday, though! I basically just do easy homework first and then put off everything else as long as I can. Not really a good move. So I guess I should get on that!
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I am so terrible with updates lately. I'll make more of an effort to post more! Really! ...This is not intended as a lie!




So that's that for now.
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