Sep. 27th, 2009

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I never wrote about my science class Friday, so here am I, doing just that.

So basically my class-- Natural Disasters!-- is held in some circular auditorium in the part of campus that is farthest away from my shuttle stop because I am a genius. (Admittedly I didn't know that when I signed up.) Anyway, the class seems to pretty okay? The professor is so far really, really nice. There are two required field trips, but they're to the aquarium and beach so yaaay. And there isn't any class on the day before Thanksgiving, so I can come back home earlier! And the book isn't required or anything! So basically it seems pretty manageable. And I know someone in the class, so hopefully we'll become better friends or something.

The only complaint I have about is that it seems filled with FRESHMEN. But when I say "freshmen," I really mean "people who talk nonstop to their friends and make stupid whispering noises when the professor says something they don't agree with and push into me on purpose when I am waiting for the TA to hand me paper just so they can see their friend." I wanted to punch so many people. It's just so rude, and ugh. But anyway, I've been dealing with that all my life, so whatever.

My bed still has not arrived! The mattress will be here around Wednesday. Probably. Maybe. So I've heard. But it's not that bad. I pretty much stay up until I'm fighting back sleep, because then it's easier to fall asleep. Because I sleep on my side, my hips end up really, really hurting, and in the morning and into the afternoon my legs ache so badly that it's hard to walk. But I've been able to ignore my pain receptors for a while, so it's okay. Meanwhile my bed frame and nightstand are waiting for me to pick them up, but the frame is pretty pointless if I don't have anything to put in it, so I don't really care about that at the moment. The nightstand, though, is welcome.

I haven't watched any Kiva today-- I'm never going to finish! So back to that.


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