Jun. 21st, 2009

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FIFTEEN DAYS. :I I have no regrets.

SO WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I seem to say this a lot.

I. I completed classes and had a final. Oh, and I wrote finals too. It was exciting. I just remember a lot of stress and learning all about Soviet agriculture and popular culture. I ended up getting an A, A-, and two B+s. Overall it was a 3.55 average, making this my best quarter gradewise at UCSD! Remember: I was once a valedictorian. My overall GPA rose to 3.244, so I suppose all of my hard work was worth it.

II. I went to Disneyland. There, I learned that the me from four years ago was a pussy (Tower of Terror is not scary; falling is fun if you do it voluntarily). My parents and I had so much fun~ My favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear: Star Blasters because I like shooting things. Seriously, I got really into it and hit as many targets as I could, to the point that I kept turning dramatically in the ride's car like I was in some cop movie or something. Anyway, that was a nice break.

III. I OWN A PLAYSTATION 2. My parents bought it for me three days ago after I had inserted the word "Playstation" into practically every conversation we had that day. (This is probably not why they bought it, but after the DS, who knows.) ANYWAY, ANYWAY, the Playstation then allowed me to FINALLY BUY PERSONA 4. I have yet to play it, but I am so so excited. I've wanted that game since what feels like forever. (Proof: here and here.) I also now own Okami, some western game my dad made me get, .hack//GU 1, Silent Hill 2, and Metal Gear Solid 2. (As I just told Denny yesterday, skipping number one is perfectly acceptable!) I'm really stoked.
There is my summer, right there.

Now I'm off to do stuff before watching that Next Food Network Star show. WHO KNOWS WHEN THE NEXT ENTRY WILL BE. Probably tomorrow or something. Who knows.


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