May. 1st, 2009

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I was just reading this really cute and fluffy shonen ai manga, Aozora no Sunda Iro wa, and I'm only about twenty pages into it, but it's about this young teacher who ends up working with his former elementary school teacher. And it was just going into the ways the older teacher plays with the kids, and how the kids do nice things for him too, and all of a sudden I found myself going, "Awww, I want to be a teacher!" So now I CAN'T be because then I'll have to tell people that I was inspired by a BL manga. Or maybe that's another reason I SHOULD be a teacher, I don't know.

So today was kind of like a day off for me except for the part where I had to go to that one lecture. But after I ate lunch, I was walking around and thought to myself, "Isn't this so much nicer than when I usually have class in the mornings?" But...It wasn't. Not really. Not having classes in the morning makes me tired for some reason. So, in the end, I like waking up early more.

This week there was this random drama going down between my two friends. And I could have gotten into it, but I was too tired. So in the end I ended up being the Good Guy in the thing and being all consoling and I wanted to punch myself so hard. I don't get it; this is like the inverse of my childhood. It's like now I feel compelled to be all nice and stuff instead of a total bastard. Where did I go wrong in life? Seriously, if any of this gets drudged up again, I'm totally going to jump in the middle of it.

Speaking of being tired, for some reason all this week I felt really really exhausted to the point where I just read on my bed for hours yesterday. And I felt sick for the majority of today. I think it's just exhaustion, but hopefully I'll feel better soon.

This week Himaruya posted pictures in his blog of Hong Kong! I've always wanted to go there. During the last few years my mom's cousin worked there, so I used to debate using that as an excuse to go there, but I never did for a handful of reasons. I really want to go overseas, though. It seems like the in thing at UCSD to go study abroad, so I know a lot of people going to Europe and other places. I just keep worrying that somehow I'll never leave the country (although I have been to Canada). In the back of my mind I do really want to do The Amazing Race with my dad so I can see a ton of places. But at the moment it seems like an elusive dream.

I've been thinking about my summer plans recently! Once there was this plan that we were going to go to Chicago, then we were going to go to Indiana to see my grandparents and then visit my grandpa's grave, and then we were going to visit my granddad's grave in Wisconsin and then go to some resort area or something. In other words, it was going to be a Midwest Adventure! But then apparently we were only going to do this if life went a certain way, and then it didn't. So now I might (?) just be going to Indiana. I have been Sea World'd yet again. At least there's Comic-Con to look forward to, although that's not really a vacation in my book.


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