Apr. 8th, 2009

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Today Teach For America came to talk to my Spanish class! Every single other person in my class signed up to be on their announcements list, so I did too. For some reason in this last year, the idea has become more appealing somehow. By this, I mean that I get all starry-eyed and go, "I could be the teacher that changes everyone's lives!! I should watch the Gokusen live-action." I don't know, I still don't want to be a teacher (unless I can be a second-grade one), but I'm still interested in Teach For America. Don't really know where I'd fit it in, though, but I could probably figure it out. Something to keep in mind.

OKAY, I AM PUTTING THIS UP WHILE I STILL HAVE THE GUTS TO DO SO. So last quarter I was so inspired by my Poetry class that I wrote my own original stuff outside of the prompts we had to do in class! But instead of just writing random poems, I decided to do one for each of the main characters in the series that I'm working on (in whatever fashion) at the moment. Eventually I'm planning to write ones for all of the Travis Copperton characters (there are like fifteen at least, sob), but at the moment I only have ones for REPA and Wannabe Murderers. The latter contains what appears to be an epic poem. Effing James. Anyway, none of the poems state who the characters are, so if you haven't read the stories (hopefully nearly all of you?), you're out of luck but hopefully still able to enjoy them.

REPA's is here.
WM's is here.
I hope you enjoy them!! But sob since I'm not a poet I make no assurances sob.
(ETA A WEEK LATER: Entries are now friends-only.)

Anyway, I just slammed my hand in a drawer, and it's all red and in immense pain and stuff, so I think I'm going to stop typing now.


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