Apr. 2nd, 2009

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Today in Fiction, we got into groups to switch papers with and advise for the rest of the quarter. But we had to pick groups by going straight to whichever tutor we wanted (there were nine or so), and since the girl sitting next to me took forever to get up, I ended up getting down to the front of the classroom later than others. Sooo then I ended up in a group where the tutor is one of the girls in my poetry group from last quarter. She wasn't there today so I don't know if this is going to be awkward or what, whatever.

Anyway, the people in my group seem pretty cool/sane? I know +/- 1 of them. The only problem is that...there's twelve of us. Instead of ten. So we didn't have enough copies to give to each other, and someone started a really bad system of just passing all the copies around in a circle which turned out to be super confusing. The guy next to me was getting really irritated about it, hahaha. Aaanyway, we ended up writing down all our emails, and one guy is going to send everyone's emails to us, so then we're going to email all of our stories to each other. And print the ones we don't already have, I guess. I already had to print twenty-two pages last night just for my copies. :( I have to buy more paper.

My next class isn't until twelve, so I'm going to go finish Being Human so I can start on Kings later today.

This day is already kinda annoying.


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