Mar. 3rd, 2009

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My hair's reached that point where I've started to go, "Oh, that's the length I like!" This means I have to go get it cut before I don't want to anymore.

Junjo Romantica 4 was in my mailbox today! I was so overjoyed that I had to read it all immediately. This was mainly so I wouldn't have any excuse to read it in the airport when coming back for break. (But we all know that by that point I'll claim it's time for a reread.) Anyway, I totally loved this volume!! Half of it was devoted to "Junjou Egoist," and the other chapters all had Hiroki in them. And the "Egoist" stuff was so good... It makes me a bit sad that they didn't animate all of it. I think it really continued to explain Hiroki's character nicely. (And why he did what he did to Usagi, oh God.) You know, Shinobu's my favorite character, but I think Hiroki comes the closest to my actual personality, so I always love reading his parts.

So today a potential disaster occurred. "Ah!" I said at the time. "Nicely played!" So when I signed up for my classes, there wasn't any option to sign up for a fiction section, right? Only the lecture. But I figured this meant that the sections were optional for some reason, which has happened in other classes. Or that we'd just sign up for them on the first day of class and I'd have to beat someone up with my elbow to get the one I wanted. But today I received an email from the department! It stated that we were actually supposed to be able to sign up for sections; something was just wrong with the programming. And no one noticed until now.

We were supposed to reply to that email stating which section we'd want to sign up for, and include second and third choices as well. Of course, I'm taking a class at the same time as two of the three sections, so I wrote back saying, "Uh, you better give me this one, or I'll be really angry. :)" Apparently they'll be signing us up according to when we added the class, so since I was number forty-something, and there are twenty-something spots in each section, I'm semi-hopeful. Which means I'm also semi-positive I'm screwed. We'll see what happens.

Two weeks from today I'll be on a plane right now going home! Las Vegas has become my getaway resort, how sad. But I'm planning to sleep in that day, and then go to the airport a couple hours ahead. Then I'll read Wild Adapter waiting for my flight, Switch on the plane. Then I'll arrive by 6, my parents and I will go see Watchmen at Town Square, and then we'll go get California Pizza Kitchen or barbecue afterward even though they'll probably have seen the movie by then and my mom has work the next day and my dad has to write his column and-- WHY AM I TEARING HOLES IN MY OWN PLAN.

Anyway, I'm off to revise poems!


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