Feb. 9th, 2009

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This episode of Gundam 00 was kind of "well okay whatever" despite a few really good speed lines, so hooray anemic notes.

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So today I woke up and felt terrible because I couldn't get to sleep for hours last night. But then this cleared up and I went to my first class. It had been raining all night but seemed to fine when I went out, so I hoped that it would stay nice. But when I left Codes, it turned out that it had started downpouring outside, and everyone around me exclaimed the f-word. It got better once I had eaten lunch, but it was still drizzling, so I found a bench under an overhang and studied for my Spanish midterm. After that I went into a restroom to wash my hands, and I figured that, since I was freezing, I should probably use hot water, but this ended up scalding my hands. And like that, I went off to Spanish class.

The midterm was a midterm-- It went better than last quarter's, I think, because I was better about time management. All we really have to do on those things is identification-- talk about settings and characters and quotes-- so it's not really that bad. I tried to fill my answers with a lot of textual evidence, so hopefully that goes well.

But after class he gave us back our first essays, which I had not been looking forward to. The first page was covered in writing, so I sucked it up and turned to the last page to confirm my fate. And there, I saw it.

An 85.

An 85. Not a 70.

It was an 85. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

I don't think I've ever been so happy to receive an 85 in my entire life. Finally, it feels like once again hope can brush against my fingertips...!

Now watch me fail my midterm.


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