Jan. 16th, 2009

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Today I was sitting outside Center Hall waiting for class to start, and Fastball's "The Way" came onto my MP3 player. I was reminded of how I always used to watch its music video every Saturday morning as a kid, when VHI would run their Top 10 songs of the week. (I was addicted to that show back then before the song choice went downhill.) I always loved the ending part, when the guy would jump off the building. I used to stand on top of my sofa, wait, and then jump off when he did. But I'd always hit the ground before him, so I kept trying to figure out ways to prolong it. I never really came up with any. But for me back then, that video really symbolized everything I felt was wrong with my own life. (Now...Not such much.)

For some reason I decided to look up animals I could adopt in my hometown, so I spent a while going through animal shelter websites. I don't really know why I decided to torture myself like that, since it's not like I'm going to get one... All the pets were really adorable, so I felt really bad that they hadn't been adopted yet. I wish I could adopt them all...! T^T My mom keeps talking about how she wants another pet, but I don't think it's actually going to happen any time soon. There are so many out there, though, sob.

Anyway, three-day weekend!! I'm planning to go through my hard drive and get rid of files I don't need anymore. And I'll probably catch up on manga and do more reading for my classes and stuff. Luckily I don't have any essays or anything yet, so it should be fairly relaxing.


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