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I am so terrible with updates lately. I'll make more of an effort to post more! Really! ...This is not intended as a lie!

-I came up with what to write for my final play in Intro to Playwriting! It's inspired by Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, only not really. And apparently everyone thought the last play I wrote was really funny, so that's good! Looks like we're going to have less work in this class from here on out-- I just have to write a scenario and then the final play, pretty much.
-I don't know what to write about for the first Fiction story. It only has to be five pages, so hopefully I'll get some idea. The people in my class are randomly harsh when it comes to criticism... only I'm always on the same page as them, so instead of being intimidated I'm just glad we have the same taste, haha.
-I really liked Ubik by Philip K. Dick! The next novel we read, not so much. I have to write a midterm paper, which I'm writing about Edgar Allan Poe for no other reason than I was like, "Hey, I should reread some of his poems." (That has nothing to do with sci-fi literature.) Then there's a midterm the week after next. For the final paper, apparently we can write about something in any type of media, so I was thinking about writing about Gundam 00. Someone smack me and tell me not to. (Because then I'll totally write about Heat Guy J, yyyyy.)
-You know what we talk about every day in Natural Disasters? VISCOSITY. We talk about the viscosity of EVERYTHING. Viscosity. I am in heaven. Viscosity~~

-woot woot internship. Should I talk about that on here? I guess I'll be vague. I am most likely going to have an internship starting in January, unless I completely screw up an interview. And then the rest of my life will begin.
-The fall season of anime is actually pretty crap. Let's see, pretty much all I'm going to follow is Kobato (which is better than the manga so far!), Kimi ni Todoke (Kazehaya is exactly the type of guy I like the most), and maaaaybe Nyan Koi! (because the first episode was cute, but I don't know if it'll hold up). So yeah. I was debating Fairy Tail, but then I realized that I don't feel like sitting through everything again.
-I don't know what else to say here. I am in a state of not knowing where my life is taking me, but I know that eventually it'll get somewhere.

Lately I've been thinking over what classes to take for the rest of college. I only have 54 credits left to get; isn't that insane?! I remember when I was in elementary school and thought that I'd get bored, drop out, and become a delinquent before the end of high school. What an optimistic kid I was.
ANYWAY, I'm mainly wondering what to do next quarter. Originally my plan was to do three classes including the internship, but that's basically two classes and then interning. And after figuring out which classes are going to be offered, I think I'll still take four. (Even though, according to my school's terrible four-year plan that is highly impractical and would have made me take all my writing courses in the last year, who the hell wrote that, I can take four quarters of three classes, and I've only done one like that so far.) There's a music GE I want to do next quarter, and then I want to do a writing workshop (to go at a pace of doing one of those a quarter), and then I wanted to take a literature course dealing with either translated German or translated Italian novels. But all of this depends on when these classes are being offered, so I'll wait until that's online.

Also, I've been debating minoring in history, even though at the end of last quarter I clearly thought, "NO, NO, FORGET THE MINOR, I AM NEVER TAKING A HISTORY CLASS HERE AGAIN; IT IS TOO MUCH WORK." But time has begun to erase all wounds, and I was looking at the list of courses being offered this year, and... I really want to take them. I don't remember if minor classes have to be for letter grades, so if I can do pass/no-pass I might go for it. There's a French Revolution course next quarter (OF COURSE) that I wanted to take, and I literally squealed when I saw I could take a course in the spring called "Greece and the Balkans." I am a lost cause. I'd only have to take four more upper-division classes and one lower-division, and I'm going to have room in my schedule to do it, so... Maybe I should?

So that's that for now.

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Girl, minor in history before I kill you.


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