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Today I set out on a journey to Warren's food hall and then to the library! (I totally just typed that as Wallen, too. Awesome.)
I had several heavy books in my backpack so that I could strengthen my back like a ninja college student should. It didn't really take that much time to get to Warren, where I delighted in learning they were still serving breakfast at roughly 12:16 PM. (I had spent the morning watching Bleach, thanks to Dad.) I ordered myself a plate of scrambled eggs, a piece of French toast, and a banana. The scrambled egg was 75 cents. The banana was 75 cents. 2 pieces of French toast were supposed to cost $1.60; however, somehow my one piece of toast cost me 35 cents.
That's right. 35 cents for a pretty large piece of toast. I am pretty positive this was a computer error, but I am extremely grateful that it occurred. Altogether I had a nice lunch (made of breakfast food) for $1.85. Can you beat that deal?! I sure can't!
After that pleasant experience, I went to the library and stalked a girl to find the elevator. (I also threw myself directly between the elevator door and the wall to stop it from closing. And yes, I totally just typed that as dool.) One person in the elevator hit Floor 8, the girl hit Floor 7, so I felt I needed to hit Floor 6. So I got off there, found myself a table in some aisle dealing with taxes, and got to studying. I read all of Beowulf, I read stuff for CAT that's going to be assigned tomorrow, and I read two chapters for CSE3 for our quiz next week. Obviously, I am super-motivated.
After I was done with my studying, I headed over to Price Center because my mom told me that she received a booklet of student organizations and so shouldn't I go get one myself over there? Well, there of course weren't any, so I went into the bookstore.
There I found Reborn! 5, which called to me. Seriously, it was sitting on its own shelf, away from everything else, just calling to me...But I didn't buy it. I-It looked nice, though... I also looked for Wild Adapter 3, but it wasn't there. There was, however, a suspiciously empty space next to Volume 2. I guess I'll have to work faster if I wanted to beat out some of the other otaku on campus. (For some reason I also really wanted to buy Air Gear 5, which was huge and shrinkwrapped and had Agito on the cover. Or maybe it was Akito, I wasn't looking that closely. But then I reminded myself how much I hate Del Rey now and left it alone.)
Then I returned back here.

Now for some Beowulf, ahaha. )


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