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So I just signed up for my Winter Semester of classes!
I was strangely zen this time around. I honestly didn't stress over it at all, and I definitely didn't spit up blood. Even though I had to switch some things around, it didn't really matter that much to me as long as I could get all my classes.
It's not really a great schedule, but it will do. My earliest class is at 11 AM, four days a week; my latest is at 5 PM, three days a week. I have four classes on Monday and Wednesday, two classes on Thursday (at 11 AM and 5 PM, no less), and three on Friday. Actually, it's a lot better than the one I was planning to get up until about twenty minutes ago, when I learned one of the sections I wanted was filled...
This time for CAT 2, we had a choice of four different teachers who would focus on different things. I was planning to get this teacher who apparently dresses like a Mafia don, since he sounded cool. The course was about scientific morals and stuff, which wasn't really that interesting to me, but I figured it was better than the other three.
Cue this Monday, when I decided to take a look at the other three courses. This time the second one grabbed my eye. His course revolved around science in reference to...the law. We'd be learning how the law plays into all sorts of things. Well. I think you can figure out I instantly decided I wanted to be in his class, and you can bet I am.

Recently I decided I want to be a prosecutor. Way back in April, after becoming obsessed with Phoenix Wright, I wanted to become a lawyer, but I was always confused about which kind. Defensor o fiscal? Before I could decide, I gave up my dream. I didn't play Phoenix Wright for a while, which helped wane my interest, but I thought that when I started playing the first one, I'd immediately change my mind again.
No such luck! The thing was, Phoenix was so incompetent in Ace Attorney. He went months without taking cases, and he only got any because he stumbled into them. No way did I want a life like that. I figured it was a lost cause.
But then came Case 5. I don't know what exactly it was, but suddenly I wanted to become a prosecutor, fighting for justice, determining the truth, the kind that would make Lana Skye proud. A prosecutor gets to look around crime scenes too, right? And work with the police and everything? And wear large scarves that people call mufflers? I think it sounds like a very interesting path. It's not like I'm going to stop becoming an editor. But I'm also going to investigate into this possibility as well. At this point, law school, or any type of graduate school, is pretty unfeasible. But I'm going to continue living like there's still many open doors for me. I mean, what else can you expect from someone who still thinks she can be a ninja?

Yeah, you know, a ninja lawyer.

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Today was, quite simply, awesome.
But OF COURSE it was!! My parents came to visit me in this quiet little town~ And we went shopping together~ And ate together~ And watched television together~
Well, first, my day originally didn't start out that great. Actually, I was still awake when it technically started, and then people kept waking me up. And then, much later, around 10 AM, I ended up watching the first two episodes of the Princess Princess D live-action series, which was far more painful and disturbing than I thought it would be. Sakamoto used random Spanish and danced with boys. Tohru and Yuu-chan giggled together. Mikoto brushed his teeth sexily for a minute straight while wearing lip gloss.
And then my parents called to tell me they were waiting outside, and I immediately turned off my computer and ran to thank them for saving me from such a horrible fate.
We went to the Fashion Valley mall first and shopped for a while! We had lunch at Tacone, and I had chicken with turkey bacon and cheese and it was all grilled and...It was good. Then we came back to my school, went to the bookstore, and I bought Yakitate!! Japan 6! (Wild Adapter 3 is still MIA; I have given up all hope.) I cannot explain in words how much I love Yakitate!! Japan. It is so, so the best.
Anyway, then we traveled out to my parents' hotel, where I had free coffee, which reminded me how I hate coffee. Um. And then we watched crappy television until Ocean's Eleven came on, but then we left.
Then it was time to go get some dinner! We went to Del Mar and avoided teenagers. (It was a mission failed.) First, we went to GameStop to see if they totally randomly had Phoenix Wright 3 even though that doesn't come out until Tuesday. They didn't.
They did however have the first Phoenix Wright!
So I bought it.
It's now sitting on top of my book pile, taunting me. So I'm writing my Spanish essay right now. All of it. At 11:30 PM on a Saturday night. This is the kind of crazy Phoenix Wright inspires me to obtain. I want to play it soooo baaaaadly...But I know the second I start, I won't be able to put it down. And then I'll start challenging people and demanding evidence. And then I'll run to my counselors and tell them I want to become a lawyer. Screw being an editor; they don't make enough flamboyant gestures!
UM ANYWAY TO CONTINUE after buying Phoenix Wright we went off to go buy me lip gloss and bananas (clearly today I focused on purchasing essentials) and then we ate dinner at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza! It was wonderful.
And then I came back and was like "NOOOOOOOO SPANISH ESSAY." W-Why do I fail. Instead of writing it, I'm currently writing REPA 8. THAT'S RIGHT, NUMBER EIGHT. I-I'm supposed to be doing 4...I don't even have a plot for Number 7 yet...This is so lame, and yet...
In conclusion, I love my parents. ♥
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SO YESTERDAY, I had a full day of fun. Which I'm now going to talk about in horrific detail.

First I woke up at 5:45 and then waited until 5:58 to get up. I then read Descendants of Darkness Volume 4 and then set off to go to my SAT Subject Tests!

The plan was that the SATs would start at 8, and I'd get out by 10:15 at the latest and head over immediately to the West Charleston Library. However, we had to wait for our testing room to fill completely up, and as a result we didn't start until 8:30. I went into a panic.

It was raining pretty hard while taking the tests! It sounded like we were being attacked or something. The tests themselves were pretty much just like the AP exams. I took the Literature and US History tests, and hopefully I did well? I don't really know. Anyway, the upshot was that I didn't get out of testing until- GASP- 10:45. So my dad and I went speeding down whatever road we were on to get to the library.

No one ever expected the Eye-Eating Inquisition. )

Stephanie's parents then drove us to the Galleria, and on the way there my reputation was slandered yet AGAIN. There is absolutely no way that I will ever be drunk at Fremont Street at the age of 50, since I don't like alcohol or that area of town. SO THERE.

At the Galleria, we ate at Red Robin! I might have humilated myself when I asked for the Chick-Chick-Chicken Fingers off the Kid's Menu (the guy laughed a little and gave me a weird look!), but I don't CARE. Those chicken fingers are the best. They were as good as I remembered from seven years ago! We also stole crayons and coasters from the place. And by "stole," I just mean "took without asking."

Next we DID NOT buy candles at the Halloween store. They actually make Megaman costumes. I still can't believe that. I want to be Lan Hikari. Anyway, then we went to Walenbooks, in which I did not buy anything. But I ALMOST bought the not-Saiyuki manga (Car...Racer? I forget), a Doctor Who novel (which I was going to get until I started reading it and lost it at lines like "H2Omigod!" I'm going to make my parents buy it.), Loveless 3 (WILLPOWER! D: I'll get it next weekend.), D-Grayman, Fake 4, Hands Off!, Satisfaction Guarenteed, and the last Series of Unfortunate Events novel. But, see... I am a rational person who refuses to buy things for full price. HAHAHA. So I left without anything.

So then we had to walk over to Sunset Station! We climbed up a brick wall to do so, and a guy taking a NORMAL path below us laughed. Then I apparently freaked everyone out by reading too much into Little Red Riding Hood. We cut through the casino and then ended up in the bowling alley in which...

I WAS RANDOMLY ACOSTED BY KYLE FROM SCHOOL. >O We were just walking along minding our own business (thankfully, we had stopped dancing to disco music by the time this happened), when I saw some guy with a red shirt, a pack of soda, and a cell phone walking a few steps over to my right. I, not seeing who it was, paid no attention even as he walked closer. And then WHOOSH! he shouts something and kicks up his leg right in front of my face. I, thinking I am going to be MOLESTED and ATTACKED (which sadly happens more often than it should), let out a yell like a lame, lame person. Kyle then laughs. I go into shock. Crystal cries out something. Stephanie grabs her umbrella and begins threatening to kill Kyle with it. I snap out of my shock. We walk on. Kyle then walks back over to us and asks what we're doing, to which we go, "...Bowling." He then leaves us alone. And we go bowling. Just...what the hell.

In our first game of bowling, we did Hellsing characters! I was Jan Valentine and therefore got to swear whenever I fucking felt like it. Which wasn't that often because I am not a swearing person. I ALMOST won...but I lost to Alucard (Alosercard!) by 9 points. In our NEXT game, we did Bleach characters, and I was Ishida! But then I felt reaaallly bad, because then my friends went on to call Ishida completely gay. Aaaand...He COULD be. But STILL. They completely bastardized his name. D: Although I still think "Geishida" is really cute. Stephanie, as Yachiru, won by a lot. Crystal was Ikkaku! So I put "Yumi/Ika Owns U!" on the screen does. Yaaaay.

Then I went home and watched television and went to sleep.

And that was yesterday.
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Well, how have you all been? Last week was kind of tough for me. I had Open House on Wednesday and only pretty much was at my house for an hour. Then on Thursday, I had like twenty million things due on Friday (read: three, two of which were pretty easy once I did them) and went through what I believe to have been my first mental breakdown of the year. Since last year I had my first mental breakdown the very first Thursday of school, this was marked as an accomplishment instead of yet just another another scary occurance in my life. Of course, Friday was a pretty good day! I always feel very refreshed after...breaking down.
My Spanish teacher attempted to run me down in her car though. That was kind of scary.
My parents were just dropping me off at the parking lot behind the school, and I was climbing out of the car with my violin and everything. Just then, a huge red truck swerves into the lot, barely missing my parent's car by an inch, and then swings into the parking spot right in front of me. While I was doing very well to convince myself I wasn't about to die, I noticed the driver was, yes, my Spanish teacher...who showed absolutely no reaction whatsoever. And did not even mention it during class. Well...She didn't hit me, so I guess there was no reason to.
Yesterday I think my friends had what I think was their very first fight of the year! But since it didn't really involve me in any way, I did not get that "Oh god who am I going to sit with at lunch and bother today" feeling that makes me think I'm going to cough up blood. To the contrary, I wasn't worried at all and rather felt like laughing over the thing. (Two of my friends think that the other one hates her. And neither one is actually mad at the other. Like, what's up with that?) So yeah. I assume it was all settled without my interference.
On Thursday we got a new answering machine. I got to program the message~! So now if you call me (feel free to call me now! I won't pick up, but you can hear my message! ♥), you will hear an incredibly high voice sounding polite while Gundam Seed music is playing in the background. I was playing it on my computer without the speakers on, though, so you might have to strain to hear it! Still, it's there. I'm thinking about changing the music at least once a month. That way, so many different people can hear anime music~~~!
I also hung up the Yuuri picture that came with my Kyo Kara Maoh DVD in my window. It's small, but it is there! So drive by my house and look at it! Once again, I will not answer my door, though!
In addition (oh, the transition words!), I joined my school area on LJ! I was overjoyed to see that all the other people are fangirls as well! OH YAY! My school is so otaku, and this so represents that! I am so pleased!
In conclusion, The Office premiered on Tuesday and lost half of its viewers. But it was funny and witty all the same, so if you are so lucky to be a Nielson household, please watch. You won't be sorry.


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