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One Punch to Banner in Savannah

An easy knockout, bam bam bam

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Birthdate:Aug 27
~announce to others your pride and smile~

I'd love to stay here and be normal, but that's just so overrated.

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.hack//sign, abe-kun (so not gay?), arrested development, autor/fujisaki, awesome things, blood and ice cream, cardcaptor sakura, cherry blossoms, compromising pure snowflake status, cowboy bebop, cromartie high school, death note, defying you, descendants of darkness, doctor who, dragonball z, eyeshield 21, fruits basket, getting on people's nerves, gravitation, gundam 00, gundam wing, hamtaro, hard for a panda, heat guy j, hikaru no go, history, hot fuzz, hot gimmick, ianto jones, irresponsible captain tylor, japan, kris marshall, linkin park heals me, lockoff stratos, maroon five's sexy songs, mello, naruto, not robots: they're gundams!, not shipping baseball players(norly), ohtori choutarou, olives, one piece, orochimaru's fight theme, paranormal investigating, phoenix wright, pre-meditated plane fetishes, princess tutu, ranma 1/2, riddle house, roxas/axel/riku, saiyuki, seishirou is tomoyo's father!!!1one, shaman king, shaun of the dead, shishido ryou, shonen ai, silver pair, simon pegg, spanish, spike spiegel, tao ren, tieria's uncertain gender, tokyo babylon, torchwood, violin, yakitate!! japan, yoko kanno, yu-gi-oh
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