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I finally have a bed again! The mattress was delivered yesterday morning, so I put together my bedframe, and everything seems to be working out. The bedframe's pretty simplistic, but I like it. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep on the floor again! I'm already getting back in tiptop physical shape.

So, I've been in school for a week! I'll just state how I feel about my classes at this point briefly.

Playwriting: My TA is amazing. He really is. He's absolutely perfect at engaging every student and having us all participate. So far we've just been reading plays (they're all weird). My classmates are also really... interesting. On Tuesday we had to come up with three characters, and some of the stuff they came up with... was really interesting. I don't even want to go into it right now, haha.
Sci-Fi: It's okay. Not complaining, but not raving. (Note: Taking sci-fi when you don't really care about sci-fi is still a fantastic decision.)
Fiction: I've already given up learning anything in this class on purpose, haha. A lot of people have been in writing classes with me before, so I'm already familiar with the way some of them think. Today we just talked about author techniques in stories we had to read for class, which was pretty boring. Then we had to go outside and write down descriptions about everything (which I'm not actually good at, mainly because I can't stand flowery descriptions or stupid metaphors and tend to skip over them in everything I read, which was great since my professor kept asking us about ones in the stories we read for class). Anyway, um, yeah. It's okay.
Natural Disasters: We're going to have pop quizzes which count for extra credit that you can use your notes on. And we get cheat sheets for all the exams. I am in love.

Basically, it seems like a fine enough quarter. Can't complain at this point, thankfully. Well, I'm tired, so I guess it's off to bed.
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I never wrote about my science class Friday, so here am I, doing just that.

So basically my class-- Natural Disasters!-- is held in some circular auditorium in the part of campus that is farthest away from my shuttle stop because I am a genius. (Admittedly I didn't know that when I signed up.) Anyway, the class seems to pretty okay? The professor is so far really, really nice. There are two required field trips, but they're to the aquarium and beach so yaaay. And there isn't any class on the day before Thanksgiving, so I can come back home earlier! And the book isn't required or anything! So basically it seems pretty manageable. And I know someone in the class, so hopefully we'll become better friends or something.

The only complaint I have about is that it seems filled with FRESHMEN. But when I say "freshmen," I really mean "people who talk nonstop to their friends and make stupid whispering noises when the professor says something they don't agree with and push into me on purpose when I am waiting for the TA to hand me paper just so they can see their friend." I wanted to punch so many people. It's just so rude, and ugh. But anyway, I've been dealing with that all my life, so whatever.

My bed still has not arrived! The mattress will be here around Wednesday. Probably. Maybe. So I've heard. But it's not that bad. I pretty much stay up until I'm fighting back sleep, because then it's easier to fall asleep. Because I sleep on my side, my hips end up really, really hurting, and in the morning and into the afternoon my legs ache so badly that it's hard to walk. But I've been able to ignore my pain receptors for a while, so it's okay. Meanwhile my bed frame and nightstand are waiting for me to pick them up, but the frame is pretty pointless if I don't have anything to put in it, so I don't really care about that at the moment. The nightstand, though, is welcome.

I haven't watched any Kiva today-- I'm never going to finish! So back to that.
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TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF MY THIRD YEAR OF COLLEGE. Look, look, I'm so old, yet apparently I still look like a middle school student~!

So my first class was Intro to Playwriting. At first I was confused because there was a guy teaching and I was supposed to have a woman, but then it turned out that he's a TA. It's another one of those classes where the TA teaches the whole thing. Anyway, his style of teaching is that he snaps his fingers at you when he wants you to speak (instead of raising hands), and you have to respond RIGHT THEN and have an answer otherwise you're a lamer. (This strategy is to save time and speed up discussion, so I'm not actually against it.) Hopefully I'll be able to roll with this, or else I'll end up making more "zawa zawa" tweets, haha. So today I had to talk about myself for 30-45 seconds (I MADE MYSELF SOUND REALLY GOOD SO DON'T WORRY), read part of the syllabus, and give/explain a difference between film and theater. In other words, I BASICALLY participated more than I have in any of my classes in just an hour and a half! I don't know how much I'll gel with the actual class, but ehhhh, hopefully it'll be good.

My next class was Sci-Fi Literature! And luckily one of my friends turned out to be in the class! And THEN it turned out we had our next class together, so we flamboyantly high-fived, but he's already dropped that one so it's pointless now. ANYWAY, my professor seems to really know his stuff, and he seems like a really nice guy. Also, I apparently already know about the history of sci-fi literature?? For some reason I was like, "Uh, I just read this." But WHERE did you read it, self? I am a fushigi mystery. Anyway, my professor also mentioned Isaac Newton several times and said that Dracula is a good novel and basically just was completely awesome. So even though sci-fi as a genre generally doesn't do it for me, I think I'll probably really enjoy this class.

Next was Short Fiction. I know some people from other writing courses (although I forgot their names, sigh), so I think it'll be an interesting dynamic. I am ON THE FENCE about my professor, but that's basically because I am distrustful of writing professors/TAs in general. Well, um, I think the problem's more on their end than mine, but that's all I'll say on that matter. Today all that happened was basically that we told her our names (and she smiled at me when I said mine so um??), and then she was like, "Do you guys know about the walkout?" (Explanation: Today apparently students were walking out because our tuition was raised 32%.) And then she put her stuff away and left the classroom. And that was that. ANYWAY, for homework we have to freewrite about what a demon is... which is AWESOME for me due to TraCop, but I'll try to contain myself during the actual assignment.

Tomorrow I just have Natural Disasters at 3 pm, so I could probably stay up forever tonight if I wanted. But I guess I'll go to bed soon enough. I've started watching Kamen Rider Kiva again, and it's like I've never stopped, so I'll watch an episode or two right now!
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Today I moved into my apartment! It was a long and tiring day. I guess I'm going to stay up and wait for my roommate to come home (since she's been on vacation), so it'll get even longer...

So I put everything away and arranged it all, and everything seems to be nicely in place! Except... I don't have a bed. But, you know, maybe I've been waiting my whole life to sleep on the floor! (My mom mentioned that she and my dad slept on the floor for a couple days when they moved into one of their apartments... So now I really feel like I should do it. Not like I have a choice, though.)

In other news, I read Otomen 2 on the plane today! Originally I was "eh" about that series, but now I think it's really one of the cutest and cheerful shoujo manga I've ever read. And Juta is just amazing. I also have Reborn! 11 here (as I apparently stopped buying it months ago, but recently reread some of it and fell back in love), and that's all I have with me for now! Oh yeah, wait, I also took my Hetalia books with me, but by this point that's probably a given.

Anyway, we'll see how tomorrow goes!
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Last night my parents and I went down to the District to eat at La Salsa... But it was no longer there. It was kind of surreal. We noticed that one of the storefronts was all closed up with advertisements in the windows, and then it dawned on us that was where La Salsa had been. So then we ended up eating at the pizza place there.

So tomorrow I go back to La Jolla! I had a long and fulfilling summer. Back at the beginning of August, I started panicking because it didn't feel like it had been a very long break then, but by this point it has. I didn't get to complete my main goals for the summer (i.e. go to Chicago, get a cat), but I'm satisfied all the same. I'm actually pretty nervous to go back to school because I'll now have to make three meals every day myself, so I'm a little worried that one day I'll get so irritated with doing that that I'll just stop eating. But hopefully I'll get used to it.

I finished Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box some time last week and have been doing a couple bonus puzzles every day since. But some of them were so annoying (the "Disappearing Act 6" one in particular) that I started obsessing over how to solve them. And now I keep doing that thing that Layton and Luke do where they look at some perfectly normal object and go, "That reminds me of a puzzle!" The other day I opened my refrigerator to see that my orange juice was behind a few other bottles. So my brain immediately went, "This is a block puzzle! It can be solved in as little as two moves!" And then when I got the juice out, I could hear Layton in my head going, "A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved." This is just a bit horrifying.
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OKAY SO I don't even know where to start. I guess it's been a while.

1. I moved into my apartment. It's newly painted and the carpet seems newish, so it seems like a pretty nice place to live! (The ceiling is poisonous, and mold might grow after it rains, but ehhh.) We had to go buy a ton of things, so things got a bit stressful. It was also the hottest weekend there of the summer or something; such good timing! I actually started putting my desk together myself, and it was going pretty well until I stripped a screw and promptly threw a fit and stopped working on it. In the end, though, everything was successfully set up! Except I don't have a bed.

2. While down there, we stayed in Poway! Poway had a really "small town" feel. I can't really explain it, but it was definitely like that. I really hated it~ Small towns and I do not mix.

3. Some other stuff must have happened in August, but hell if I remember.

4. My friends and I had a High School Musical marathon of all three films in a row! sob remember when I hated those movies and didn't idolize them (yeah, me too)

5. I was given Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box the day before my birthday. I think I like the story better on this game, but the puzzles better on the last one. Anyway, when I'm done with it, I'll probably make a spoileriffic post, since it's just... It's just really getting into some strange situations this time around. And Luke is so weird, tee hee.

6. Anyway, I got lots of awesome stuff for my birthday! Two volumes of Train*Train, several volumes of Lovely Complex, the complete series of NewsRadio, the first season of Veronica Mars, Advent Children, Lego Star Wars, the complete series of Clamp School Detectives, One Piece Color Walk, an awesome t-shirt, and astronaut food. And apparently I'll be getting some Young Avengers graphic novels, if the company actually sends me the right products this time! (I was sent a self-help book about dealing with arrogant people instead. I got a good laugh out of it.)

7. Yesterday I received X-Men Misfits in the mail, which made me way happier than it should have. Anyway, I'll most likely make an entry about it tomorrow or in half an hour because there are parts of it that just irritate me. I just feel they dropped the ball. They could have easily gotten a fantastic, well-developed plot out of it, but instead they just threw random stereotypical shojo elements at the board without bothering to really do anything with any of it.
At first I thought Kitty was just going to be dating Pyro, and since I'm "ehhh..." about Pyro, I wasn't that into it. But then it turned out Iceman was going to be her real love interest! And that pleased me, since Iceman is not-so-secretly my favorite X-Man (OTHER THAN QUICKSILVER) for completely ridiculous reasons. And I was mainly like, "Now I can ship Pyro and Iceman just like I did throughout the movies!!" BUT THEY BARELY INTERACTED; I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED. Plus Iceman has the personality of a dry log. ...Also, I don't even know why they chose to drastically change Quicksilver's personality in it, but whoever is in that graphic novel is not Pietro. At all.
Anyway, I know a lot of people are going out to buy it just because it's "shojo X-Men," but I'm not going to pay $12.95 for a gimmick that I could get for free on deviantart or

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Okay, well, obviously I've been back from San Diego for a while! I had a great time at Comic-Con, of course. Hopefully eventually I'll do a write-up on it, but here's just a short rundown:
-I turned out to be more awesome than I thought I was.
-In related news, I got a Time-Jump!Gaara from a claw machine.
-I was in an elevator with Jason Bateman.
-I sacrificed my health to jump into mobs of people in order to obtain posters and bags and had the time of my life doing so.
-I bought Junjo Romantica 10, Yakitate!! Japan 18, and then the two Japanese volumes of Axis Powers Hetalia.
-Misha Collins stroked Jim Beaver's arm in front of me, which was worth the sunburn on my arm that still hurts a week later.
-I now own a Psych Magic 8-Ball.
-We watched Bleach in the airport and Naruto in the airplane.
-I had fish and chips because "PUB&GO!!" has been stuck in my head for two months... only it consisted of a fish burrito with tortilla chips. That... That counts, right?

ANYWAY, that was that. And now I'm back at home and... heading back to San Diego in two days.


In short, I have to go sign the lease for my apartment and pretty much move in this week, so I'll be down there buying furniture and not seeing pandas (NO I DID NOT GO TO THE ZOO IS ANYONE EVEN SURPRISED). And then I'll come straight back and not go back to that city until mid-September or something, I don't even know.

So that's an update for now.
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Well, it is That Time of Year! I'll be soaring off to San Diego for Comic-Con tomorrow. I am super excited this year because we're staying at a hotel that we've been wanting to stay at for a couple years, and my mom and I are also going to the zoo for the first time in a few years. (It's for the pandas. It's all for the pandas.) Plus, for some reason we're taking a taxi to the airport tomorrow-- the first time in my entire life we've ever done that. (It... It feels so decadent, somehow...)

I'm also hoping there'll be a lot of awesome shopping opportunities! I'll have my eyes peeled for Hetalia merchandise. I also want to get some manga, like Junjo Romantica 10, and maybe those new editions of Pok√©mon Adventures and Gravitation (why does it seem like the companies have finally figured out what I'll buy for a second time?). And I'm also going to try to get the two volumes of Young Avengers that I'm missing so I'll have a full set for a little while longer. So excited! ♥

We're also staying until Monday for the first time, so if you'll have something urgent to tell me over the next six days... Good luck, I guess! (My cell phone will actually be on the whole time, will wonders never cease, so this is actually an option for once.)

In other news, I started playing Metal Gear Solid 2 a couple days ago, and I am in absolute love with it even though the controls are clunky sometimes and the cut scenes last years. Between Otacon's take on Chinese proverbs and the blood stains that appear on the ground when Snake gets shot, I just have a ball the entire time. I'm finally to Raiden's part in it, so I can't wait to continue playing when I get back.
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I've been playing Persona 4 lately, and it's just so much fun! I'm not that far in, though. But I named my character Darling Lastname (with my actual last name, of course), which means that Yosuke constantly says things like, "I can definitely count on you, Darling!" It's a bit hilarious, especially when the game then goes "Your relationship with Yosuke has become stronger!" (The idea for that name goes to Blackadder, obviously~) I also joined the soccer team recently, and I'm planning to work at the gas station and join some cultural club. I'm sure all of this would sound much more impressive if it were actual life! Anyway, now time for a meme.

10 things for a letter. )

Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July by seeing the fireworks at the same place as last year. I wore pink because I have no red or white shirts, and then afterward we bought strawberry cake for the second day in a row, and I ate it proudly in honor of Alfred's birthday. That might be one of the most embarrassing sentences I've ever typed.

Comic-Con isn't for another seventeen or so days, but already I'm not really thinking about anything else. Oh well.
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FIFTEEN DAYS. :I I have no regrets.

SO WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I seem to say this a lot.

I. I completed classes and had a final. Oh, and I wrote finals too. It was exciting. I just remember a lot of stress and learning all about Soviet agriculture and popular culture. I ended up getting an A, A-, and two B+s. Overall it was a 3.55 average, making this my best quarter gradewise at UCSD! Remember: I was once a valedictorian. My overall GPA rose to 3.244, so I suppose all of my hard work was worth it.

II. I went to Disneyland. There, I learned that the me from four years ago was a pussy (Tower of Terror is not scary; falling is fun if you do it voluntarily). My parents and I had so much fun~ My favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear: Star Blasters because I like shooting things. Seriously, I got really into it and hit as many targets as I could, to the point that I kept turning dramatically in the ride's car like I was in some cop movie or something. Anyway, that was a nice break.

III. I OWN A PLAYSTATION 2. My parents bought it for me three days ago after I had inserted the word "Playstation" into practically every conversation we had that day. (This is probably not why they bought it, but after the DS, who knows.) ANYWAY, ANYWAY, the Playstation then allowed me to FINALLY BUY PERSONA 4. I have yet to play it, but I am so so excited. I've wanted that game since what feels like forever. (Proof: here and here.) I also now own Okami, some western game my dad made me get, .hack//GU 1, Silent Hill 2, and Metal Gear Solid 2. (As I just told Denny yesterday, skipping number one is perfectly acceptable!) I'm really stoked.
There is my summer, right there.

Now I'm off to do stuff before watching that Next Food Network Star show. WHO KNOWS WHEN THE NEXT ENTRY WILL BE. Probably tomorrow or something. Who knows.
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My university makes us take a wellness survey each quarter. One of the questions on it was, "How do you relieve stress?" I wrote back, "I eat Tootsie Rolls and sing/dance along to Zac Efron's solo songs from High School Musical." Somewhere, there's a surveyor with a raised eyebrow.

I wrote that on Tuesday.

Anyway, I am in the throes of finals! I guess. I'm done with TWO classes, and I've done my research paper for history (although I have to proofread it, which I don't want to do). So now all I have is two MORE essays for history for the final (each one 4-5 pages, EASY but sob I don't want to, and I have to do all the research for those...), and then I'll be done with that class! And then I have to memorize Mexico and look over my notes for my Spanish class, take the exam at 8 am on Wednesday, write a lot, and then leave and enjoy the rest of my life. I AM SO CLOSE TO THE END~

So on our last day of Fiction class, we had a class reading where the TAs would randomly call people to read their stories for 2-3 minutes. But since there are 90 people in our class, only 30 would get called. At first I didn't want to read at all, and I figured that my Sakaki complex would get me called. But then I decided that instead of reading from my final story, I'd read from my "Radical Revision" (it's on tet_leash, don't feel like linking), and I got really excited about that since I really like that piece!! Which meant that my Sakaki complex still activated. I wasn't called. It was pretty disappointing...

I don't know what I'm getting in Fiction... Probably an A? Who knows. Apparently our final grade isn't just being based on our final piece, but also all the rewrites we did. So I handed in two drafts and three radical revisions. Hopefully that's good enough.

I must have other things to say, but it's late. I meant to have finished one of the history essays by this time, but I'm still doing the readings for it. So I could either write the essay after finishing readings (whenever that'll be), or leave it until tomorrow and do both then, or let one go into Monday... I just want to be done already!
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I'm so bad at posting lately. It's just low on my list of priorities, sad to say.

Anyway, I did a ton of stuff last weekend, so here goes!


Well, tomorrow starts another day of work!
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"So, once you finish final exams, what are you going to do next?" "I'm going to Disneyland!"
Yeah, so, my family was debating going somewhere during the summer, and eventually we decided on Disneyland. But then last Thursday, I realized that it'd be more convenient just to go when my parents came to pick me up at the end of the quarter. Then, on Saturday, my parents came to this same conclusion, and now the plans are made. I'm super excited because, well, Disneyland is Disneyland~

In other news, I signed up for my fall quarter classes. I sent out an email for authorization for that fiction class this morning and got a prompt reply half an hour later, so good news on that front! So my final set of classes is Intro to Playwriting, Natural Disasters (to fill my last science GE), Sci-Fi Literature, and Short Fiction. I don't really know why I'm taking a sci-fi class as I'm not really a fan of that genre, but at least it gives my dad an excuse to finally get me Watchmen. (Why, yes, I am opportunistic! How nice of you to notice.) But I'm looking forward to the fall. Just, you know, I'm looking forward more to the summer.

Today in fiction, my group went over some of our stories, so I volunteered myself cheerfully. We ended up in a lengthy discussion about murder/suicides. I was more thrilled than I should have been. Also, it turns out they did ship characters after all-- Specifically, Lucas/themselves. (Well, the girls at least.) N-Not as planned!

Now I'm off to read Dark Reign: Young Avengers! I am so ecstatic whenever I get more YA. I just hope it's good, heh.

Also: Primeval is so incredibly awesome and amazing this season that words cannot describe. Everyone should watch it, because it's seriously the best 43 minutes of my week.
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So we had to turn in our short stories for Fiction today, right? On Tuesday my tutor told us that it'd be really nice if we printed out copies for everyone in the group, and everyone was like, "Fine, all right..." So last night I spent an HOUR printing, my black ink ran out in the process, and then I ended up going to bed late. Then my roommate's cell phone kept going off from 6-7 AM, and then I overslept for the first time all year and woke up at 7:15, fifteen minutes later than usual. So then I rushed to class and ended up getting there at the same time as ever, but pretty much no one was there, so class ended up starting late. And THEN, at the end of class when we got into our groups, it turned out that no one else had printed out their stuff. I am not a happy camper today.

Now today after my Fiction section, I have to go to the library to make up for all the research I didn't do Tuesday. I'm debating checking out the books I need for my report rather than just copying down quotes...But I don't have any room in here to put them, sob.

ANYWAY, as I said I would, you can read my short story here. There are questions at the end of it too that I would like it if you'd answer, since my group thought that'd be a good idea in order to get better critiques. So you can see my worries about my paper represented there... I was also highly tempted to ask if they shipped any of the guys in the story, since I went really out of my way to make sure there was no subtext. Anyway, there it is. E-Enjoy...
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Three Things That Make Me Happiest:
1. Silver Pair
2. Young Avengers
3. Trafalgar Law

For reference and stated for no reason.

So it's already seventh week! This is when, instead of elation that it's almost the end of the school year, panic begins to grow. I can't figure out whether or not I'm ahead or behind in the game. At this point I'm just focusing on prepping for finals and working on my final projects-- I want to be ace and finish (yes, finish!) my history research paper by the weekend after next, but this might be placing too much faith in myself. We'll see.

I finished my story for Fiction last night! At first I thought it was exactly ten pages (the requirement), but then I realized that not only didn't I have a stupid heading on it, but it was also the wrong font and size, which put it over twelve pages. But after hardcore margin adjustment, it worked out! I'm not really sure how good it is; I'll probably put it up here sometime and have you guys figure that out for me. During last Thursday's section we had to get into groups and discuss our stories with each other, and when everyone heard the basic idea behind mine ("road trip" turned into being stranded next to a forest after a flat tire-- yeah, I know), they were like, "Wow, that...sounds like it could be really creepy." But I didn't actually do anything with the forest, haha. And yet. And yet I have the feeling it was really creepy anyway. (I could actually write non-creepy things. But that's not as much fun for me...)

Anyway, we also had to do a character sketch for our assignment last week. I treated this as supplementary material, in the vein of viral marketing. So basically there are at least a couple lines in the sketch that have completely different meanings after reading the actual story. I actually had a lot of fun writing it, but who knows what my fiction group will think. (This'll probably be one they'll stop loving me for, haha.) But in addition to the sketch and the short story, I ended up mapping out a novel revolving around one of the other characters, and now I can't stop thinking about it... (For the record, I'm not planning for that one to be disturbing. I can actually refrain sometimes.)

Right now I'm just concentrating on going back home Memorial Day weekend! I haven't read either of my new Junjo Romantica volumes yet, so I'm planning to read at least one on the plane. I'm going to listen to my mom's advice, so even if another elite businessman sits next to me, I won't back down. I'll read to my heart's desire! First, though, I'll have to work hard these next two weeks.
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So today I had like ALL this energy, and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Solution: Getting assaulted at a concert.

I will start from the beginning.

So my college (as in, my college, not my university) was having their annual concert event. I wasn't planning to go because I didn't go last year and didn't care about any of the groups. Then my roommate was like, "Hey, do you want to come to [name]'s apartment with me?" I said yes, thinking that we were going to just hang out or something. Instead, it turned out the entire reason to go see that person was to go to the event. So we did! Apparently last year it was super awesome and there were all these booths and free cotton candy and stuff. This year...Not so much. There were five food booths, all of which cost money, and then a booth where you could make buttons out of magazine pictures.

So we made buttons! My friends opted for using stock photos, but I immediately gravitated toward a High School Musical 3 ad. Now I own a button of Zefron jumping into the air. Sadly, the person who cut the picture into a circle totally tore up the very top of the picture, but if anyone asks I'll just say that it was an intentional creative move. (Not that anyone would talk to someone wearing a Zefron button anyway-- I sure wouldn't.) Next, I made a button with a shot from The Mentalist where Simon Baker is showing Cho some card, and Cho is making a "yeah sure whatever" look. It is quite possibly the sexiest button I have ever seen. I keep giggling when I look at it. And I squealed when they made it for me.

Anyway, the band playing at the time was kinda weak, so we left to get dinner. Later we came back and hung around for another hour until the main group, Shiny Toy Guns. They were okay; it wasn't bad, but the music was on the average side. Still, they had a lot of energy, so it was fun. And the keyboardist had this emo haircut and was wearing a black t-shirt with a red eye on it with a black symbol in the middle, so I immediately nicknamed him Sasuke and pretended he was such for the rest of the concert, which was kind of hilarious.

Right when that group started playing, all these people suddenly arrived, so all of us were packed in pretty tightly next to the stage. Of course, the guy in front of me was a super huge fan of the group and started jumping around. Inevitably, he totally stomped and kicked me a couple times before my roommate managed to make room for me to get away from him. So now I have bruises and there's an indentation in my foot. Yaaaay. Still, it didn't really detract from my enjoyment or anything.

So anyway, that was my night. Luckily I don't really have that much to do this weekend. I'll probably end up holing myself up in the library working on my research paper.
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Okay, so, I have to figure out my fall schedule for school! Only, I am massively confused, as there are a million options I could take. But I have to at least decide which literature class I want to take by tomorrow, because I have to email them in order to get approval for upper-division courses. But as I'm not even a Literature/Writing major yet and I want to take fiction workshops which require me to have completed the lower-div fiction class that I am currently taking, I... am somewhat doubtful of my chances. Also, I don't even know how they decide to approve you. I'm assuming it's first-come, first-serve...? So mysterious.

Anyway, here are possible ways I could go:

this turned out longer than I thought )

SO RIGHT NOW I'M...leaning towards a workshop, Jane Austen, music class (even though I already deleted this from my proposed planner, wonder what my reasons were), and then the playwriting course. And then I'd just take a science course sometime. Unless I don't get into a workshop, and then I'd take the science course. ETA: Ohoho, the reason I deleted the music course is because it's at the same time as the Writing for Children workshop. So, uh, guess I should take Short Fiction or the nonfiction one instead? ETA 2: auuuugh just double-checked, and you have to be a writing major to request authorization for those classes. Or at least a pre-writing. Effing past self... WELL HAHAHA guess the GE route is more likely now!

hooray confusing choices
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I was just reading this really cute and fluffy shonen ai manga, Aozora no Sunda Iro wa, and I'm only about twenty pages into it, but it's about this young teacher who ends up working with his former elementary school teacher. And it was just going into the ways the older teacher plays with the kids, and how the kids do nice things for him too, and all of a sudden I found myself going, "Awww, I want to be a teacher!" So now I CAN'T be because then I'll have to tell people that I was inspired by a BL manga. Or maybe that's another reason I SHOULD be a teacher, I don't know.

So today was kind of like a day off for me except for the part where I had to go to that one lecture. But after I ate lunch, I was walking around and thought to myself, "Isn't this so much nicer than when I usually have class in the mornings?" But...It wasn't. Not really. Not having classes in the morning makes me tired for some reason. So, in the end, I like waking up early more.

This week there was this random drama going down between my two friends. And I could have gotten into it, but I was too tired. So in the end I ended up being the Good Guy in the thing and being all consoling and I wanted to punch myself so hard. I don't get it; this is like the inverse of my childhood. It's like now I feel compelled to be all nice and stuff instead of a total bastard. Where did I go wrong in life? Seriously, if any of this gets drudged up again, I'm totally going to jump in the middle of it.

Speaking of being tired, for some reason all this week I felt really really exhausted to the point where I just read on my bed for hours yesterday. And I felt sick for the majority of today. I think it's just exhaustion, but hopefully I'll feel better soon.

This week Himaruya posted pictures in his blog of Hong Kong! I've always wanted to go there. During the last few years my mom's cousin worked there, so I used to debate using that as an excuse to go there, but I never did for a handful of reasons. I really want to go overseas, though. It seems like the in thing at UCSD to go study abroad, so I know a lot of people going to Europe and other places. I just keep worrying that somehow I'll never leave the country (although I have been to Canada). In the back of my mind I do really want to do The Amazing Race with my dad so I can see a ton of places. But at the moment it seems like an elusive dream.

I've been thinking about my summer plans recently! Once there was this plan that we were going to go to Chicago, then we were going to go to Indiana to see my grandparents and then visit my grandpa's grave, and then we were going to visit my granddad's grave in Wisconsin and then go to some resort area or something. In other words, it was going to be a Midwest Adventure! But then apparently we were only going to do this if life went a certain way, and then it didn't. So now I might (?) just be going to Indiana. I have been Sea World'd yet again. At least there's Comic-Con to look forward to, although that's not really a vacation in my book.
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aaaaaaah I am so happy, I'm going to sleep in late tomorrow, yay ♥

Now I'm going to crash because I'm super tired and had a midterm at 8 am this morning that went probably well enough.
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Yeah, it kind of kills me inside not to post quasi-daily ("Future!Jillian won't have anything to read!"), but as I'm spending near every second doing stuff for school, I can't say I regret it that much. Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit? I don't know why they would, but who knows. And in my true fashion, I've completely forgotten everything I was ever going to mention in the last week, so. Um. Yes.

So I just came from my fiction workshop, where even though I wasn't even the group being reviewed today, one of the guys was like, "YOUR PIECE WAS FANTASTIC," and I was like, "O-Oh, thank you!" And then he just kept going on and was all, "And last week's was good too! I'm just really impressed by your writing! I should get your autograph!" uwaaaaaah that makes me so unbelievably happy to get that kind of response, you guys have no ideaaaaa. And everyone else liked this week's piece too aaaaaaah. M-My dream, could it turn into reality...?

Also for Fiction we have to write a 10-paged short story for our final. Last week our professor reminded us about this in class, since we need a draft in about another two weeks, so I immediately started to panic and spent at least two days straight trying to brainstorm what to do. And it was killing me, man. I kept mentally writing about a page of each idea and going, "No, this is not going to work." Basically I started with two rules: 1) No writing about the paranormal, and 2) No murder can be involved. Regarding the second part, I wondered, "But is death still allowed?" And after careful consideration, I decided that yes, death was fine. And that was when I knew disaster was imminent.

But I think I've come up with an idea now! I don't know if it'll fit into 10 pages, though, so I'll have to write it and see. But it fulfills those two requirements for myself (although apparently attempted murder is A-OK? sob), and so far I really like the characters I've come up with (even if they're somewhat of expies of the REPA characters, ahaha). For whatever reason, most of the stuff I've written for my Poetry and Fiction classes have been from the POV of females, to the point that last week I was told I have a perfect grasp on their actions and thoughts (??), so I was kind of relieved that the main character of this story'll be a guy. Anyway, I really can't wait to write it!

I AM STARVING, and last night I started watching an episode of Murder City (STILL THE BEST BRITISH SHOW EVER GUYS) that I didn't get to finish, so I'm off to do that. Maybe my attention span will come back and I'll write an entry with actual information about my life. OR NOT.
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