Dec. 18th, 2009

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So I got my grades for the quarter back!! I was pretty nervous because basically every single one relied on my final exams/projects, so I wasn't really sure what they were going to turn out like. Luckily, I ended up getting my first ever A+ thanks to Natural Disasters, a B+ in Sci-Fi Lit, an A in Screenwriting, and an A in Short Fiction. As a result, it ended up beating last quarter as my best quarter at UCSD!!

SHORT RECAP OF MY CLASSES (now that I have grades back and can comfortably make judgments on them):
Intro to Playwriting: I put two Phoenix Wright references in my play. I couldn't help it. One of the characters was a lawyer, and I am weak. I actually meant to take them out after the first draft, but no one caught them, and then I forgot. Such is life. I also had one of the characters call another "reject" (because I didn't like the word that was originally there) for the sole reason that I wanted to hear someone other than me say "reject." I almost burst out giggling when my classmate had to say it when we were rehearsing... So unprofessional...
Sci-Fi Literature: I learned that I am not into sci-fi literature. What a shock. Basically, if I have to visualize it for myself, I never really want to, so as a result reading sci-fi doesn't do much for me. (Once again, I really liked Ubik, though!) But seeing it in movies and tv is fine, obviously. The fact that I wrote a serious essay about Primeval for a letter grade is something I'll never live down.
Natural Disasters: I am terrible at science. I always have been. I'll never understand it. I can study for hours and think I know everything, only to go in and find out that I don't. But ANYWAY, despite all odds that only I will ever know about, I ended up with an A+. It is a success story, reminiscent of that time in Chemistry in 10th grade when I failed every single test but got a 100% on every quiz and did all extra credit and also ended up with an A+. Only not that bad, trust me.
Short Fiction: 50% of the grade was participation-based, and I only talked when prompted. And somehow I ended up with a flat A! Another success story. I was never really clear on what "participation" was in that class, so I guess the fact I attended every class and did all my work and extra credit counted the most. Plus, like I said the other day, she really liked my visual project, which I did put a lot of thought into! (Because, secretly, this person does like doing projects like that...) But yeah, I'm really glad I got an A in it!!

So now I've been home for almost a week. I've been playing Persona 4 a lot! I got to the first time that Yosuke is a total jerk to Kanji, and I wanted to jump down his throat so badly, seriously. Instead Souji Seta sat there noncommittally until I could finally make him say something to Kanji, which didn't help the situation anyway. Oh well. Kanji meanwhile is SO CUTE. I wish he existed in real life just so I could hug him a lot.

We're decorating our tree today! Usually we do it earlier than this, but there were other things to attend to. We've started making cookies too! They're absolutely delicious so far, but that's par for the course for my family. Then tomorrow we're going to Sweet Tomatoes and to the bookstore so I can get books of my own volition and not because my courses next quarter are requiring me to, hahaha sob. Maybe I'll get something for myself anyway.


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