Nov. 3rd, 2009

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Today my playwriting TA said that, since our class is small, we should have the first drafts of our plays ready in a week (instead of next Thursday like it said on the syllabus). So I guess I should get started on that! I don't feel like it tonight, though. I also have to write another story for Fiction by next Thursday, but I don't really have any ideas for it yet. My professor said that she really likes creepy stuff, so I'll guess I'll bring that to the yard again instead of toning it down! ("Everyone said your last piece was creepy, though." SHUT UP IT WAS NOT.)

I noticed yesterday that so far in my Fiction class, the girls' stories are about relationships, while the guys' are about post-apocalyptic stuff. (Seriously, practically all of them. It's weird.) Even I wasn't the exception... But one guy said in his letter to me, "Usually I don't like this kind of relationship-y stuff, but this was pretty damn good," HAHAHA. So whatever, I guess I just have a different take on that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, in my Sci-Fi class, we've begun to discuss Watchmen. And for some reason I was able to see every panel we were talking about in my mind even though I've only read it 1.5 times and seen the movie, which was weird. My professor mentioned stuff like how the tone in comics shifted in the 80s, and about the Comics Code, and I was like, "...Wow, I know all this stuff just from reading my dad's column." (I ALSO accidentally spoke up for the first time in class because some girl asked if having separate people being writer and artist was the norm, since she always thought the same person did both jobs, and my professor said, "Well, Frank Miller both wrote and drew some of his work... Right?" and sounded unsure, so I went, "YEAH," without thinking about it, and a few people turned and looked at me, sob.)

I GUESS I SHOULD DO ACTUAL WORK NOW; also only three weeks yes~


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