Oct. 17th, 2009

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I watched the third Bleach movie today! It was strangely good. The plot wasn't boring, and there weren't any real plotholes, and even though Ishida didn't show up at all, I still enjoyed it. It actually made me fall back in love with the series a bit. (Then I remembered how the manga's currently nonstop battles mixed with females getting mutilated/dying, and I fell a bit back out again.) And I love Renji. Even though it's been years since I didn't like him, it still feels weird.

Today my dad got a drawing from Kate Beaton at the convention he was at! I am so happy, words can't describe. I found out she was there this morning, and I freaked out and made an overly nervous call to my dad (because I was worried about bothering him, haha), but everything worked out!

I still have some homework to do. Mainly I still have to write a scenario and then do stuff for Fiction. I did my science homework due next Friday, though! I basically just do easy homework first and then put off everything else as long as I can. Not really a good move. So I guess I should get on that!


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