Oct. 1st, 2009

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I finally have a bed again! The mattress was delivered yesterday morning, so I put together my bedframe, and everything seems to be working out. The bedframe's pretty simplistic, but I like it. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep on the floor again! I'm already getting back in tiptop physical shape.

So, I've been in school for a week! I'll just state how I feel about my classes at this point briefly.

Playwriting: My TA is amazing. He really is. He's absolutely perfect at engaging every student and having us all participate. So far we've just been reading plays (they're all weird). My classmates are also really... interesting. On Tuesday we had to come up with three characters, and some of the stuff they came up with... was really interesting. I don't even want to go into it right now, haha.
Sci-Fi: It's okay. Not complaining, but not raving. (Note: Taking sci-fi when you don't really care about sci-fi is still a fantastic decision.)
Fiction: I've already given up learning anything in this class on purpose, haha. A lot of people have been in writing classes with me before, so I'm already familiar with the way some of them think. Today we just talked about author techniques in stories we had to read for class, which was pretty boring. Then we had to go outside and write down descriptions about everything (which I'm not actually good at, mainly because I can't stand flowery descriptions or stupid metaphors and tend to skip over them in everything I read, which was great since my professor kept asking us about ones in the stories we read for class). Anyway, um, yeah. It's okay.
Natural Disasters: We're going to have pop quizzes which count for extra credit that you can use your notes on. And we get cheat sheets for all the exams. I am in love.

Basically, it seems like a fine enough quarter. Can't complain at this point, thankfully. Well, I'm tired, so I guess it's off to bed.


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