Sep. 24th, 2009

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TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF MY THIRD YEAR OF COLLEGE. Look, look, I'm so old, yet apparently I still look like a middle school student~!

So my first class was Intro to Playwriting. At first I was confused because there was a guy teaching and I was supposed to have a woman, but then it turned out that he's a TA. It's another one of those classes where the TA teaches the whole thing. Anyway, his style of teaching is that he snaps his fingers at you when he wants you to speak (instead of raising hands), and you have to respond RIGHT THEN and have an answer otherwise you're a lamer. (This strategy is to save time and speed up discussion, so I'm not actually against it.) Hopefully I'll be able to roll with this, or else I'll end up making more "zawa zawa" tweets, haha. So today I had to talk about myself for 30-45 seconds (I MADE MYSELF SOUND REALLY GOOD SO DON'T WORRY), read part of the syllabus, and give/explain a difference between film and theater. In other words, I BASICALLY participated more than I have in any of my classes in just an hour and a half! I don't know how much I'll gel with the actual class, but ehhhh, hopefully it'll be good.

My next class was Sci-Fi Literature! And luckily one of my friends turned out to be in the class! And THEN it turned out we had our next class together, so we flamboyantly high-fived, but he's already dropped that one so it's pointless now. ANYWAY, my professor seems to really know his stuff, and he seems like a really nice guy. Also, I apparently already know about the history of sci-fi literature?? For some reason I was like, "Uh, I just read this." But WHERE did you read it, self? I am a fushigi mystery. Anyway, my professor also mentioned Isaac Newton several times and said that Dracula is a good novel and basically just was completely awesome. So even though sci-fi as a genre generally doesn't do it for me, I think I'll probably really enjoy this class.

Next was Short Fiction. I know some people from other writing courses (although I forgot their names, sigh), so I think it'll be an interesting dynamic. I am ON THE FENCE about my professor, but that's basically because I am distrustful of writing professors/TAs in general. Well, um, I think the problem's more on their end than mine, but that's all I'll say on that matter. Today all that happened was basically that we told her our names (and she smiled at me when I said mine so um??), and then she was like, "Do you guys know about the walkout?" (Explanation: Today apparently students were walking out because our tuition was raised 32%.) And then she put her stuff away and left the classroom. And that was that. ANYWAY, for homework we have to freewrite about what a demon is... which is AWESOME for me due to TraCop, but I'll try to contain myself during the actual assignment.

Tomorrow I just have Natural Disasters at 3 pm, so I could probably stay up forever tonight if I wanted. But I guess I'll go to bed soon enough. I've started watching Kamen Rider Kiva again, and it's like I've never stopped, so I'll watch an episode or two right now!


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