Sep. 21st, 2009

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Today I moved into my apartment! It was a long and tiring day. I guess I'm going to stay up and wait for my roommate to come home (since she's been on vacation), so it'll get even longer...

So I put everything away and arranged it all, and everything seems to be nicely in place! Except... I don't have a bed. But, you know, maybe I've been waiting my whole life to sleep on the floor! (My mom mentioned that she and my dad slept on the floor for a couple days when they moved into one of their apartments... So now I really feel like I should do it. Not like I have a choice, though.)

In other news, I read Otomen 2 on the plane today! Originally I was "eh" about that series, but now I think it's really one of the cutest and cheerful shoujo manga I've ever read. And Juta is just amazing. I also have Reborn! 11 here (as I apparently stopped buying it months ago, but recently reread some of it and fell back in love), and that's all I have with me for now! Oh yeah, wait, I also took my Hetalia books with me, but by this point that's probably a given.

Anyway, we'll see how tomorrow goes!


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