Sep. 20th, 2009

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Last night my parents and I went down to the District to eat at La Salsa... But it was no longer there. It was kind of surreal. We noticed that one of the storefronts was all closed up with advertisements in the windows, and then it dawned on us that was where La Salsa had been. So then we ended up eating at the pizza place there.

So tomorrow I go back to La Jolla! I had a long and fulfilling summer. Back at the beginning of August, I started panicking because it didn't feel like it had been a very long break then, but by this point it has. I didn't get to complete my main goals for the summer (i.e. go to Chicago, get a cat), but I'm satisfied all the same. I'm actually pretty nervous to go back to school because I'll now have to make three meals every day myself, so I'm a little worried that one day I'll get so irritated with doing that that I'll just stop eating. But hopefully I'll get used to it.

I finished Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box some time last week and have been doing a couple bonus puzzles every day since. But some of them were so annoying (the "Disappearing Act 6" one in particular) that I started obsessing over how to solve them. And now I keep doing that thing that Layton and Luke do where they look at some perfectly normal object and go, "That reminds me of a puzzle!" The other day I opened my refrigerator to see that my orange juice was behind a few other bottles. So my brain immediately went, "This is a block puzzle! It can be solved in as little as two moves!" And then when I got the juice out, I could hear Layton in my head going, "A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved." This is just a bit horrifying.


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