Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Okay, well, obviously I've been back from San Diego for a while! I had a great time at Comic-Con, of course. Hopefully eventually I'll do a write-up on it, but here's just a short rundown:
-I turned out to be more awesome than I thought I was.
-In related news, I got a Time-Jump!Gaara from a claw machine.
-I was in an elevator with Jason Bateman.
-I sacrificed my health to jump into mobs of people in order to obtain posters and bags and had the time of my life doing so.
-I bought Junjo Romantica 10, Yakitate!! Japan 18, and then the two Japanese volumes of Axis Powers Hetalia.
-Misha Collins stroked Jim Beaver's arm in front of me, which was worth the sunburn on my arm that still hurts a week later.
-I now own a Psych Magic 8-Ball.
-We watched Bleach in the airport and Naruto in the airplane.
-I had fish and chips because "PUB&GO!!" has been stuck in my head for two months... only it consisted of a fish burrito with tortilla chips. That... That counts, right?

ANYWAY, that was that. And now I'm back at home and... heading back to San Diego in two days.


In short, I have to go sign the lease for my apartment and pretty much move in this week, so I'll be down there buying furniture and not seeing pandas (NO I DID NOT GO TO THE ZOO IS ANYONE EVEN SURPRISED). And then I'll come straight back and not go back to that city until mid-September or something, I don't even know.

So that's an update for now.


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