Jul. 21st, 2009

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Well, it is That Time of Year! I'll be soaring off to San Diego for Comic-Con tomorrow. I am super excited this year because we're staying at a hotel that we've been wanting to stay at for a couple years, and my mom and I are also going to the zoo for the first time in a few years. (It's for the pandas. It's all for the pandas.) Plus, for some reason we're taking a taxi to the airport tomorrow-- the first time in my entire life we've ever done that. (It... It feels so decadent, somehow...)

I'm also hoping there'll be a lot of awesome shopping opportunities! I'll have my eyes peeled for Hetalia merchandise. I also want to get some manga, like Junjo Romantica 10, and maybe those new editions of Pok√©mon Adventures and Gravitation (why does it seem like the companies have finally figured out what I'll buy for a second time?). And I'm also going to try to get the two volumes of Young Avengers that I'm missing so I'll have a full set for a little while longer. So excited! ♥

We're also staying until Monday for the first time, so if you'll have something urgent to tell me over the next six days... Good luck, I guess! (My cell phone will actually be on the whole time, will wonders never cease, so this is actually an option for once.)

In other news, I started playing Metal Gear Solid 2 a couple days ago, and I am in absolute love with it even though the controls are clunky sometimes and the cut scenes last years. Between Otacon's take on Chinese proverbs and the blood stains that appear on the ground when Snake gets shot, I just have a ball the entire time. I'm finally to Raiden's part in it, so I can't wait to continue playing when I get back.


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