Jun. 6th, 2009

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My university makes us take a wellness survey each quarter. One of the questions on it was, "How do you relieve stress?" I wrote back, "I eat Tootsie Rolls and sing/dance along to Zac Efron's solo songs from High School Musical." Somewhere, there's a surveyor with a raised eyebrow.

I wrote that on Tuesday.

Anyway, I am in the throes of finals! I guess. I'm done with TWO classes, and I've done my research paper for history (although I have to proofread it, which I don't want to do). So now all I have is two MORE essays for history for the final (each one 4-5 pages, EASY but sob I don't want to, and I have to do all the research for those...), and then I'll be done with that class! And then I have to memorize Mexico and look over my notes for my Spanish class, take the exam at 8 am on Wednesday, write a lot, and then leave and enjoy the rest of my life. I AM SO CLOSE TO THE END~

So on our last day of Fiction class, we had a class reading where the TAs would randomly call people to read their stories for 2-3 minutes. But since there are 90 people in our class, only 30 would get called. At first I didn't want to read at all, and I figured that my Sakaki complex would get me called. But then I decided that instead of reading from my final story, I'd read from my "Radical Revision" (it's on tet_leash, don't feel like linking), and I got really excited about that since I really like that piece!! Which meant that my Sakaki complex still activated. I wasn't called. It was pretty disappointing...

I don't know what I'm getting in Fiction... Probably an A? Who knows. Apparently our final grade isn't just being based on our final piece, but also all the rewrites we did. So I handed in two drafts and three radical revisions. Hopefully that's good enough.

I must have other things to say, but it's late. I meant to have finished one of the history essays by this time, but I'm still doing the readings for it. So I could either write the essay after finishing readings (whenever that'll be), or leave it until tomorrow and do both then, or let one go into Monday... I just want to be done already!


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