May. 14th, 2009

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So we had to turn in our short stories for Fiction today, right? On Tuesday my tutor told us that it'd be really nice if we printed out copies for everyone in the group, and everyone was like, "Fine, all right..." So last night I spent an HOUR printing, my black ink ran out in the process, and then I ended up going to bed late. Then my roommate's cell phone kept going off from 6-7 AM, and then I overslept for the first time all year and woke up at 7:15, fifteen minutes later than usual. So then I rushed to class and ended up getting there at the same time as ever, but pretty much no one was there, so class ended up starting late. And THEN, at the end of class when we got into our groups, it turned out that no one else had printed out their stuff. I am not a happy camper today.

Now today after my Fiction section, I have to go to the library to make up for all the research I didn't do Tuesday. I'm debating checking out the books I need for my report rather than just copying down quotes...But I don't have any room in here to put them, sob.

ANYWAY, as I said I would, you can read my short story here. There are questions at the end of it too that I would like it if you'd answer, since my group thought that'd be a good idea in order to get better critiques. So you can see my worries about my paper represented there... I was also highly tempted to ask if they shipped any of the guys in the story, since I went really out of my way to make sure there was no subtext. Anyway, there it is. E-Enjoy...


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