May. 10th, 2009

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Three Things That Make Me Happiest:
1. Silver Pair
2. Young Avengers
3. Trafalgar Law

For reference and stated for no reason.

So it's already seventh week! This is when, instead of elation that it's almost the end of the school year, panic begins to grow. I can't figure out whether or not I'm ahead or behind in the game. At this point I'm just focusing on prepping for finals and working on my final projects-- I want to be ace and finish (yes, finish!) my history research paper by the weekend after next, but this might be placing too much faith in myself. We'll see.

I finished my story for Fiction last night! At first I thought it was exactly ten pages (the requirement), but then I realized that not only didn't I have a stupid heading on it, but it was also the wrong font and size, which put it over twelve pages. But after hardcore margin adjustment, it worked out! I'm not really sure how good it is; I'll probably put it up here sometime and have you guys figure that out for me. During last Thursday's section we had to get into groups and discuss our stories with each other, and when everyone heard the basic idea behind mine ("road trip" turned into being stranded next to a forest after a flat tire-- yeah, I know), they were like, "Wow, that...sounds like it could be really creepy." But I didn't actually do anything with the forest, haha. And yet. And yet I have the feeling it was really creepy anyway. (I could actually write non-creepy things. But that's not as much fun for me...)

Anyway, we also had to do a character sketch for our assignment last week. I treated this as supplementary material, in the vein of viral marketing. So basically there are at least a couple lines in the sketch that have completely different meanings after reading the actual story. I actually had a lot of fun writing it, but who knows what my fiction group will think. (This'll probably be one they'll stop loving me for, haha.) But in addition to the sketch and the short story, I ended up mapping out a novel revolving around one of the other characters, and now I can't stop thinking about it... (For the record, I'm not planning for that one to be disturbing. I can actually refrain sometimes.)

Right now I'm just concentrating on going back home Memorial Day weekend! I haven't read either of my new Junjo Romantica volumes yet, so I'm planning to read at least one on the plane. I'm going to listen to my mom's advice, so even if another elite businessman sits next to me, I won't back down. I'll read to my heart's desire! First, though, I'll have to work hard these next two weeks.


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