May. 8th, 2009

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So today I had like ALL this energy, and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Solution: Getting assaulted at a concert.

I will start from the beginning.

So my college (as in, my college, not my university) was having their annual concert event. I wasn't planning to go because I didn't go last year and didn't care about any of the groups. Then my roommate was like, "Hey, do you want to come to [name]'s apartment with me?" I said yes, thinking that we were going to just hang out or something. Instead, it turned out the entire reason to go see that person was to go to the event. So we did! Apparently last year it was super awesome and there were all these booths and free cotton candy and stuff. This year...Not so much. There were five food booths, all of which cost money, and then a booth where you could make buttons out of magazine pictures.

So we made buttons! My friends opted for using stock photos, but I immediately gravitated toward a High School Musical 3 ad. Now I own a button of Zefron jumping into the air. Sadly, the person who cut the picture into a circle totally tore up the very top of the picture, but if anyone asks I'll just say that it was an intentional creative move. (Not that anyone would talk to someone wearing a Zefron button anyway-- I sure wouldn't.) Next, I made a button with a shot from The Mentalist where Simon Baker is showing Cho some card, and Cho is making a "yeah sure whatever" look. It is quite possibly the sexiest button I have ever seen. I keep giggling when I look at it. And I squealed when they made it for me.

Anyway, the band playing at the time was kinda weak, so we left to get dinner. Later we came back and hung around for another hour until the main group, Shiny Toy Guns. They were okay; it wasn't bad, but the music was on the average side. Still, they had a lot of energy, so it was fun. And the keyboardist had this emo haircut and was wearing a black t-shirt with a red eye on it with a black symbol in the middle, so I immediately nicknamed him Sasuke and pretended he was such for the rest of the concert, which was kind of hilarious.

Right when that group started playing, all these people suddenly arrived, so all of us were packed in pretty tightly next to the stage. Of course, the guy in front of me was a super huge fan of the group and started jumping around. Inevitably, he totally stomped and kicked me a couple times before my roommate managed to make room for me to get away from him. So now I have bruises and there's an indentation in my foot. Yaaaay. Still, it didn't really detract from my enjoyment or anything.

So anyway, that was my night. Luckily I don't really have that much to do this weekend. I'll probably end up holing myself up in the library working on my research paper.


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