May. 3rd, 2009

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Okay, so, I have to figure out my fall schedule for school! Only, I am massively confused, as there are a million options I could take. But I have to at least decide which literature class I want to take by tomorrow, because I have to email them in order to get approval for upper-division courses. But as I'm not even a Literature/Writing major yet and I want to take fiction workshops which require me to have completed the lower-div fiction class that I am currently taking, I... am somewhat doubtful of my chances. Also, I don't even know how they decide to approve you. I'm assuming it's first-come, first-serve...? So mysterious.

Anyway, here are possible ways I could go:

this turned out longer than I thought )

SO RIGHT NOW I'M...leaning towards a workshop, Jane Austen, music class (even though I already deleted this from my proposed planner, wonder what my reasons were), and then the playwriting course. And then I'd just take a science course sometime. Unless I don't get into a workshop, and then I'd take the science course. ETA: Ohoho, the reason I deleted the music course is because it's at the same time as the Writing for Children workshop. So, uh, guess I should take Short Fiction or the nonfiction one instead? ETA 2: auuuugh just double-checked, and you have to be a writing major to request authorization for those classes. Or at least a pre-writing. Effing past self... WELL HAHAHA guess the GE route is more likely now!

hooray confusing choices


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