Apr. 28th, 2009

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Yeah, it kind of kills me inside not to post quasi-daily ("Future!Jillian won't have anything to read!"), but as I'm spending near every second doing stuff for school, I can't say I regret it that much. Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit? I don't know why they would, but who knows. And in my true fashion, I've completely forgotten everything I was ever going to mention in the last week, so. Um. Yes.

So I just came from my fiction workshop, where even though I wasn't even the group being reviewed today, one of the guys was like, "YOUR PIECE WAS FANTASTIC," and I was like, "O-Oh, thank you!" And then he just kept going on and was all, "And last week's was good too! I'm just really impressed by your writing! I should get your autograph!" uwaaaaaah that makes me so unbelievably happy to get that kind of response, you guys have no ideaaaaa. And everyone else liked this week's piece too aaaaaaah. M-My dream, could it turn into reality...?

Also for Fiction we have to write a 10-paged short story for our final. Last week our professor reminded us about this in class, since we need a draft in about another two weeks, so I immediately started to panic and spent at least two days straight trying to brainstorm what to do. And it was killing me, man. I kept mentally writing about a page of each idea and going, "No, this is not going to work." Basically I started with two rules: 1) No writing about the paranormal, and 2) No murder can be involved. Regarding the second part, I wondered, "But is death still allowed?" And after careful consideration, I decided that yes, death was fine. And that was when I knew disaster was imminent.

But I think I've come up with an idea now! I don't know if it'll fit into 10 pages, though, so I'll have to write it and see. But it fulfills those two requirements for myself (although apparently attempted murder is A-OK? sob), and so far I really like the characters I've come up with (even if they're somewhat of expies of the REPA characters, ahaha). For whatever reason, most of the stuff I've written for my Poetry and Fiction classes have been from the POV of females, to the point that last week I was told I have a perfect grasp on their actions and thoughts (??), so I was kind of relieved that the main character of this story'll be a guy. Anyway, I really can't wait to write it!

I AM STARVING, and last night I started watching an episode of Murder City (STILL THE BEST BRITISH SHOW EVER GUYS) that I didn't get to finish, so I'm off to do that. Maybe my attention span will come back and I'll write an entry with actual information about my life. OR NOT.


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