Apr. 17th, 2009

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Well, starting from Wednesday and on. This just feels like a zero-sum game for me. ONLY SEVEN WEEKS LEFT, THOUGH? I...I don't know if I'll make it, though... And I'm grinning as I type this, but it's such an exhausted grin, you guys have no idea. I should not be this stressed this early in the quarter. At least it's the weekend, though! I have 500 pages to read...just for History. That doesn't count all the other reading for other classes or the assignments I have or anything aaaaah.

So today I had to go talk to people about stuff. First I had to talk to my History TA about the paper, and I ended up deciding on the siege of Leningrad as my topic because it was suggested to me and I didn't have enough energy to come up with something myself, and I looked it up and it seemed really interesting. So basically I figured that I'd talk about the effects on the people during and after! And SOMEHOW my TA took this to mean that I'd explore literature written about it. And I was like, "...Suuuuure yeah that'll work." This was even before she knew I was a writing major, sob. Anyway, she suggested to me stuff to research and even said she would hook me up with one of the Russian literature professors on campus, so hopefully this will work out well? I have to email her, though, so she can email me sources, and I don't know what to say in the email sooooob why I am so bad at this kind of thing.

Then I went to go talk to the Practicum counselor, and our conversation lasted like .5 seconds and involved me completely not understanding if we were talking about the same thing or not. But luckily she typed her response into the record of discussion thing that the counselors have to fill out, and so later I read it and I guess we were on the same page after all. Basically now I have to go get a form from the internship guys that then I give to the Practicum people that lets me not have to turn in my proposal until the first week of the fall quarter when I will hopefully have my internship. On the one hand, I'm like "yessss" about this because it means less work for me this quarter! On the other hand, I just went to the internship office yesterday, and the guy was a total prick to me and I don't want to go back. Siiiiiigh.

I don't know, I just seem to be doing my best to survive right now. I guess I'll go read now; hopefully I can finally get ahead this weekend, and from there everything will work out.


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