Apr. 14th, 2009

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ALMOST A WEEK OF NO ENTRIES, HOW SHAMEFUL. This quarter's just so intense for me that even when I have down time I often forget/don't have the mental strength to post. I FEEL SO LAME JUST SAYING THAT. But oh well. I think I'm slowly getting with it, though? Aaand this is pretty much what I said last week so anyway.

Yesterday I had to go buy a printer cartridge! But when I walked into the bookstore, the first thing I saw was a display of manga. And there it stated that all of the manga shown were only $3.98 each. My poor little hardwired brain immediately went, "...That's more than 60% off! Holy crap, I have to get in on this!" So I ended up buying Godchild 3 and 4, Lovely Complex 4, and The Law of Ueki 5. (I wasn't going to get the last one, but I opened it up, instantly saw Robert, and knew it was over.) And it all only cost about 17 dollars, so what a good deal! ...Also, if you're wondering, they were out of those printer cartridges.

Today was our first workshop in Fiction! My group has gone from 13 people to 9, and as a result I love it now. And everything has been straightened out, so I'm no longer worried about it. We only went over Group A's papers today (I'm in Group B), but one of the girls told me that she loved my piece, and I was just like, "W-WHAT OMG YAAAAAY THANK YOU." Ahh, that makes me so happy! I hope everyone likes what I wrote for this week? We had to write a story mainly focusing on dialogue between two people, who each had a secret that wasn't revealed in the text but that the reader would be able to guess at. I came up with a few ideas that didn't really work out, so then I tried using the characters from my other stuff, but I realized that most of their secrets involved knowing about their series, so. And then finally I wrote something spanning off one of my other stories that I was really actually happy with, since I completely got both of their characters down and the mood was tense and everything, buuuut I didn't think their secrets were hardcore enough so I ix-nayed that one too. In the end I ended up writing about WOMEN. SHOPPING. And there was no murder involved. Just them talking. I...I felt a little bit that I had grown as a writer... SO ANYWAY I don't know what they'll think of it, but the journey was awesome at least!

I also went to Ralphs today and bought an organic chocolate milk because I had been reaaaally wanting some, but all the milk here on campus has high fructose. So when I was waiting for the bus, I took it out and drank it all within six seconds. It felt scandalous, somehow, drinking milk in public.

So my major challenge for this week is that I need to come up with a topic for my History paper! See, I can't attend the optional sections for that class because I have Ethnics at the same time, but apparently the TA's been talking about the paper then and wants us all to tell her our topics by Friday. But I have no idea what to write about. (Although, I mean, it's Russia from ~1860s-1991, what isn't there to write about.) So if anyone has any suggestions, I'm interested to hear them.

Waking up at 7 AM is deceptively easy, no matter how late I get to sleep the night before. But I've noticed that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have to do that, I can't do anything for the rest of the day. My attention span is shot after 9:20 AM and doesn't return until late at night. And with that, I'm off to do more reading.


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