Apr. 7th, 2009

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So for about the last week or so I've been slightly stuck in depression, as I often am at the beginning each quarter when I try to get used to new routines. There's a lot of stuff I'll have to do this quarter, and right now I guess it's kind of like all the work is overwhelming me? But today I was walking back from getting dinner, and all of a sudden everything just changed. I don't even know what triggered it, but I came back and did a lot of work, and now I'm much more optimistic about everything. So with any luck I'll be able to maintain this attitude.

The spring season of anime is actually looking a lot more interesting than I first thought, so hopefully I'll have time to watch more shows later this week and post my thoughts on them. I meant to do something like that for the fall season way back when but never got around to it, and then I don't know what I was up to during the winter season, but I still haven't even gotten around to watching shows from then.

Today when I was getting lunch I overheard this conversation from people in the line behind me:
GIRL: Wait, you couldn't get to sleep last night, so you paired up all your guy friends?!
GUY: I was reading manga!

IS THIS ACTUALLY AN EXCUSE NOW? Can I get away with it? Seriously? (If you were wondering, apparently this guy came up with all the situations where his friends would hook up and even knew how he would sketch every one. For the record, even I haven't done that. Well, to date.)

Well, time to sleep.


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