Mar. 21st, 2009

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OKAY SO. Being on the Internet is just too much trouble at home because my connection is terrible, and every time it disconnects I'm forced to restart my computer for unknown technical reasons. So right now is really the first time I've felt like/had time to post an entry.

-I did not read Junjo Romantica on the plane. An executive-type businessman sat next to me, and I didn't feel like sexually harassing him. My mother later exclaimed, "You still could have read it...!" which I took to mean that she's never glanced inside a volume or even looked at any of their covers. Which I am actually extremely thankful for.
-I read Wild Adapter 1 instead, and the next day I read the sixth volume, both of which were as good as always. Seriously, I love Minekura's style.
-I just finished watching High School Musical 3, which was even more cracked out than the other ones. I know, I would have thought that to be extremely difficult too. Zefron even outdid the golf course number.
-I got into the fiction section I wanted! After minor difficulties, I managed to enroll in it. Only problem now? Right now it's being displayed as being worth 0.00 units. Instead of 4.00. It's always something.
-TRAVEL PLANERSSSSSS. So on Thursday right at 8:59 AM I signed onto Comic-Con's hotel site, and I was sent straight into Hell. Basically, Travel Planners redid the system to make it easier, and I guess they succeeded. But they also created the most irritating, hope-snatching system ever. My dad almost got one hotel! But then the system sent him to the "Please wait" screen, where he stayed for the next three hours. Meanwhile, I successfully got a hotel and typed in all the payment information and even received a "Card approved" message. But no confirmation. Finally, TP responded to our email about this the next day, only to tell us that they didn't have any record of our reservation. I was quite furious, haha.
-I've been playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia lately and really enjoying it. I also got to explain to my mom sexual imagery in Dracula today. But I still hate vampires overall. One day I want to do something cool with them just to prove it can be done, though.
-Naruto has been amazing for the past two weeks, ever since they stopped talking about Pain's lame issues and instead focused straight on Minami. I'm just so happy that Minami showed up again, which is maybe partly because now I can pull out this nickname for him that I rarely actually get to use.
-Bleach is also good too because they're finally getting somewhere, and Ishida also gets to exist! And be awesome while existing! And One Piece is fabulous like always, and so is Bakuman
-I've already gotten some good ideas while on break!! I'm just going to keep pressing on ahead, you know! I suppose this is a random comment to make, but I'll continue to patiently work toward my dreams.
-TONIGHT I'M GOING TO SEE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! I'm totally stoked because we have orchestra seats, so I stand a good chance of getting crushed by the chandelier. We're going to buy Roxy clothes beforehand and eat Johnny Rocket's afterward, so it'll be a totally awesome evening.

And so ends this entry.


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