Mar. 12th, 2009

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Today I had curry for lunch!! I was planning to get lamb curry, but apparently they don't serve that even though it's on the menu. So instead I got some random meat kind that I later found out was turkey. I also got a tandoori chicken kebob, even though it ended up not actually being a kebob. It came with rice and a pita, and I also had a Diet Coke. Everything was really good! The best part, of course, was the Diet Coke. This paragraph is far more important when you consider I never ever have the chance to eat Indian food and have only had curry like once. In a way, it was a bit of a personal victory.

So today we had a final quiz in Poetry. Seven questions, worth 10% of our grade. I studied for about two or three hours last night, hard and long. And the quiz took me six minutes. And everything was stuff I already knew before I started studying. Sigh. But anyway, I'm really sad that Poetry's over with now. I think it was my favorite course so far at UCSD.

Right now I'm a little panicked about finals next week! I've successfully slid from "HAHAHA I GOT THIS" to "auuuugh no, no I do not." The thing is that Spanish I'll be awesome at, Codes I'll be awesome at, and then Ethics...Ethics. For Ethics, we have to write for three hours about a topic about business/finance (which really I don't get in the first place, so). Our professor gave us ten essay prompts, and two will the exam, and we'll pick one to write about. So that's not that bad, it's advance notice, but I still have to study for ten prompts, urgh. And apparently they want the final to be better than the essays, since we "have more time to prepare." Only we'll have had a week, which is less than we got for the essays. And I've always relied on my book/notes while writing the essays. And I get to type instead of wearing out my hand. And I get to listen to music. So, basically, I'm not too pleased about that line of reasoning. Writing for three hours straight isn't cool to begin with. Soooo not looking forward to Monday.

My icon gives me comfort, though. So episode 7 of Hetalia was AWESOME because it was full of Romano, who I love love love since he's one of the countries I'm descended from, ohoho. So I watched the episode like a million times and took lots of screencaps. And that's apparently how I ended up with an icon of the Holy Roman Empire. Look at him, though! He's so adorable, hugging his pillow like that, socute~~! Seriously, I just keep looking at it. Holy Roman Empire~~


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