Mar. 7th, 2009

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Yesterday I bought Yakitate!! Japan 15! And a manila folder. I made the mistake of flipping through Switch 6, since I just wanted to see what was happening. And apparently there's a side-story involving Kaji and the section chief when they were rookies, and then the actual last main chapter ends with Hal looking absolutely horrified and going, "What does my father have to do with this?!" I don't know either, Hal. That sideplot hasn't shown up yet in what I've read. Awww, now I really want to buy it. B-But that's no good! I'm getting into a habit! B-Buying so much full-price manga is not good...!

So anyway, that inspired me to pick up Switch 5 again. I stopped reading it six weeks ago for no reason at all. Seriously, I left off in the middle of a chapter. And I even remember going, "Oh hey, I'm totally excited about this plot turn! I can't wait to read more! This is going to be so cool! I better put it down now." Anyway, the plot went somewhere, and then it ended on a cliffhanger, which just makes me want the next volume. I still have no idea why, though. It's still really mediocre. And the character designs aren't distinctive enough. And the plot's predictable (except for the whole father thing, I guess). So. Um. Yeah. ...I still want it, sob.

I also finished Iron Wok Jan today!! I was incredibly happy with the ending just because there were two things I really wanted to happen, and both of them did! But it feels so weird to be done, since I'd been reading it for six years...

I guess I better start studying now! I'm not actually all that worried about my finals. The material's not that tough. I just need to read the rest of the articles for Ethics, breeze over the readings for Spanish, revise poems and go over readings in that class for the brief quiz we're having Thursday, and look over my Codes notes. The real trick's having the endurance for three finals in a row! So I'm ready for the challenge. In fact, I almost can't wait.


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