Mar. 5th, 2009

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So today was the first day of the poetry readings. I had made a bet with myself that if I wasn't called to go today, I'd have to buy Reborn! 10. And, of course, I wasn't called, so after class I immediately headed to the bookstore and bought...Junjo Romantica 1. I couldn't help it. I just watched the DVD version of episode 3 of first season last night, so I felt I needed the manga version. And now I can read it on the plane! (Somewhere, my past and future selves are crying tears of frustration.)

I was actually pretty glad that I hadn't been called, since I'm still not sure what poem to read. I went in today planning to read the list poem I wrote, since it references a lot of historical events (and randomly Supernatural orz). And some of the people from my group were like, "Great choice!" and I was like, "Awesome!" But then my friend was like, "Aw, you should read your sestina!" Aaaand I was like, "...I should." So I went to work revising that poem right there and then, but I'm still not completely happy with it, so I don't know. (He was also the first person on campus I ended up telling about the Fiction section problem, and his reaction was, "That's fucked up!" which was exactly the reaction I wanted.) Anyway, maybe I'll post the two poems tomorrow and let you guys decide?

Tonight I went out with my suitemates to eat dinner on Convoy Street, which is pretty much Chinatown. We first went to some tofu soup place, which gave us a loooot of stuff for our money, and then we went to a nice dessert place, where I couldn't help but get chocolate cake. The girl who brought it said that I was the "luckiest girl ever" because it was the last slice and said that I'd "better eat all of it!" S-So I ate the whole thing, sob. It was really high-grade and came with strawberries too. I...I was so happy. But now I'm never eating again. Or spending money.

Today was our last Poetry section, too! Apparently my TA is moving to Dallas in August, so if I don't get her for Fiction next quarter, I will never have her again. And this really makes me sad because she was the best TA I've had so far (and I wrote as much on her evaluation). Anyway, she was talking about what we learned in the class, and that most of us probably figured out what kind of style or subject we're best at writing. And I realized what I'm best at.

I'm best at writing creepy things. BUT I KNEW THIS ALREADY. SIGH.

I also read the first chapter of New Prince of Tennis, and my reaction was, "I can't believe I have to read more of this." I even thought, "Kishimoto really isn't anything compared to Konomi [in terms of pulling crap]," and this was the most terrifying thought I've ever had.

In other news, I forever love Daisuke Namikawa and his fantastic range.


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