Feb. 27th, 2009

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I had a dream the other night where I figured out that when you write OBAMA, the mirror image reads as GILBO. Then I woke up and immediately went, "NO IT DOES NOT." I must be reading too much Hetalia.

So I just barely made it through this week! I've been really exhausted since yesterday, and today I had to stab myself with my pen to stay awake. I still have a lot of work to do in these last two weeks, too. But I just want to go home already and move onto the next quarter.

This week I had to write that Ethics essay! I kept putting it off because I really didn't want to write it, but on Tuesday I went to go pick up a package. The Mail Services guy asked me if I was in a PoliSci class, and I was like, "uh no-- OH WAIT YES." And it turned out that he was in the same class as me, and he asked me if I had done the essay, and I said that I was just about to write it, and he said that he was going to do it after he was done with work. So after that conversation, I felt that I HAD to do it.

I'm kind of taken aback that he recognized me, though, since he's not in my section. And I sit in the second row, but I'm always all the way to the right, against the wall. And there are two hundred people in the class. HOW MYSTERIOUS.

I wrote my last poem for my Poetry class this week. We were supposed to write a poetic statement. And I was planning to write mine with random caps and with double exclamation marks and everything. But INSTEAD I wrote mine with all lowercase and no punctuation. Anyway, everyone said they liked the character speaking in the poem, and I was like, "T-That's actually me speaking... But okay..."

Next Thursday and the Tuesday after, we each have to read one of our poems in front of the class. I'm actually pretty okay with this. I know as a quiet person I shouldn't like speaking in public, but on the other hand I'm also arrogant and flamboyant, so drawing attention to my work is quite cool, I think. I just have to figure out which poem to read.

The prompt for our last Spanish essay came out yesterday! Both of the questions are super lame. One's basically "How does the environment/etc. affect the plot?" and the other one is "Pick a scene/chapter and explain why it's important." Usually the questions are way more in-depth than those, so I'm calling cop-out. Oh well, it's probably easier this way... Guess I should start on it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention since I didn't have time to post before today, but I got into all the classes I wanted. So I have a pretty good schedule next quarter. I'm looking forward to it, especially the history class, man.

Also, I am now nineteen and a half! It's so weird to think that in six months I won't be a teenager anymore. But on the other hand, I don't really see what difference it'll make. Well, I'm going off to watch stuff and go to sleep!


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