Feb. 18th, 2009

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Today I decided to check how many people have already signed up for the classes I want to take! So I logged on and immediately found that, out of the 90 spots open for the Fiction class... 90 were filled. And nine people were already on the waitlist. I was horrified. For the next four hours, I continued to freak out in that low-energy, battery-saving way I do half the time where I was like, "Well, that sucks. I did want to be able to take that class so I could switch my major... Oh well, better figure out something else to take instead."

Then I went back on half an hour again and found that they changed the numbers-- There are currently 56 spots available out of 90. Not cool, UCSD. I am so relieved. Now, hopefully everything stays stagnant until Monday!

I got my first essay for Ethics and the grade for my Codes midterm back today! I received a B+ on the essay and a 90 on the midterm. The final grade for both classes is going to be curved, so I'm pretty satisfied. (And for Codes, apparently most of the time anything higher than an 82 becomes an A, so!) I got the prompt for the next ethics essay today, so guess I better start working on that.

I have other things to talk about, but I guess I'll leave it for tomorrow.


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