Feb. 12th, 2009

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Today I randomly bought breakfast for once (well, for lunch), and they actually made me GOOD scrambled eggs. I was sure those didn't exist on campus, but they were DELICIOUS and just like the ones I make myself at home! (Read: still dripping with liquid.) And I got bacon and great French toast, and it was all only two dollars.

Southwest Airlines sent me reparation for losing my suitcase! So now I'm going to totally buy a PS2 and Persona 4 and get my game on save it for books next quarter. And I'm going to buy an ice cream cone just to watch it melt. Ah, the wasteful things I do for inspiration.

But tonight Right Stuf sent me an email and was like, "Hey, you can buy Baccano DVD 1 and the artbox for only TWENTY DOLLARS." And I was like, "Oh, man, I have to do that!" So. And last night I watched Junjou Romantica episode 10-- the DVD version (which I think just had an added hand job? Or I'm misremembering?)-- and I realized how much I missed it. ;; (I'm patiently waiting for the twelfth episode of season 2, though!) So I think I might break down and buy volume 4 and 8 too. And maybe 1. Who knows. Or I'll wait until they're on sale somewhere... But I really want them.

In other news, I was totally expecting one thing to happen today, and then life was like, "A twist! I'll throw you a twist!" and I was like, "Oh, you~" I don't really think I appreciate that twist, but I do recognize the effort. Way to make me earn my Sakaki complex. Aaand I'm not going into details so hooray. o/

Anyway, I have a midterm tomorrow that I've studied A TOTAL OF TWO MINUTES FOR YAY (seriously, I had no time, or I would have), so I should get to that!! And I'm really looking forward to the three-day weekend-- there's a ton of manga I want to read, and I'm just so exhausted thanks to everything right now that I just really, really need it.
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"Very interesting poem! Relationship between speaker and the man in the suit is so complex-- why are they together? Does she love him? Is she going to straight-up murder his ass??"





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