Jan. 26th, 2009

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I hate how it's only the fourth week and yet I'm sick of school. Seriously, I used to feel lame for not wanting to go to graduate school, but now I've realized that it just stresses me out too much. The grades part, mostly. I still believe that if we got rid of grades (just pass/fail tests at the end of each quarter or semester), it would probably improve the state of learning just by relaxing the stakes. Or, at least, it would make things easier on me.

Right now I have that Spanish essay due Wednesday and that Ethics essay due Friday! The Spanish essay just needs to be hardcore edited, and I'm planning to write the Ethics one tomorrow. My TA for Ethics decided that we're no longer going to have group presentations; we are instead going to randomly have to give a one-minute presentation on any of the week's readings. Yes. Five or six people are going to go each week, and she's just going to pick whoever she feels like on that day. This definitely helps me out on the whole stress thing, let me tell you. This week she said that she's having us do presentations on the readings for our next unit, instead of on the ones we're using for our essays! Glad to see she's not a sucker for consistency.

So yeah, in short: I am just too obsessive, and that works way, way against me as far as college goes. I would be cool with getting sub-par grades (READ: anything less than an A, oh why have I not relaxed my standards) if I weren't trying my best, but I am. So. Urgh.

ANYWAY today we watched Kuroshitsuji in anime club of course, and... I just love that series so much. Which is a bit pathetic as it's just, like... I don't even know what it is. I-It's like cliches and fanservice and mock-gothic tones and... And it just works so well for me. And I need the score by Taku Iwasaki, like, yesterday.

Also, this is a total GIP despite all of my bawwing: the Hetalia anime came out, and OH MY GOSH the ending was the cutest thing ever. SHOESSS. A-And for some reason I really like Japan now. Like, before today I was completely apathetic, but now I find him adorable. Anyway, the first episode of the anime was pretty blah, I thought? They raced through the introductions so fast that it was only funny if you already read the comics. And the pacing was weird. It was obvious they were trying for a frenetic comedic thing, but it missed with me. Still, it looked good! And for some reason, I'm really prideful that the very image you see is America. ♥


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