Jan. 25th, 2009

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So this weekend was kind of awful for me! It was just a bunch of writing essays and doing readings. And I'm not even done with everything by a long shot. Well, this week will be hell! Yay.

But I still managed to watch Gundam 00, even though I wasn't planning to. But it actually turned out to be a really nice episode! That had nothing to do with the plot, really. And we only have nine more episodes. I am not worried at all.

I didn't feel like typing out my thoughts as I watched because that usually takes me an hour and a half, so I just wrote them on a sheet of paper as I went along. And that turned out to be a lot of fun because I love my handwriting. So now I'll type them up!

SPOILERS FOR G00 2.16...and warning for a huge epic yaoi fantasy )

I am now going to mentally prepare for everything else I need to finish this week.


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