Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Today it was supposed to rain, but it was fine when I woke up. And the high was supposed to be 65, so I put on my lightest t-shirt just to get the most out of it and went to class. Of course, on my way there, it started raining. I was not amused. Today was our workshop day in my poetry class like usual, so then we went outside to discuss our poems. The rain had stopped when we went outside! But then two minutes later, after we had sat down and everything, it started again. We had to move to right next to a classroom under the overhang.

For reasons that completely baffled me, everyone liked my poem for this week. It was surprising mostly because I had given up writing about pleasant topics after a few drafts and was like, "WELL FORGET THIS." This week we were supposed to write something with an ambiguous tone! So I wrote a poem where you could either take it as a love poem with someone trying to gain the affections of another person or a poem about about a really skeevy stalker not leaving someone alone. :|b But I thought maybe it was TOO ambiguous? But then everyone was like, "IT'S REALLY SUPER CREEPY AND I CAN'T TELL WHAT'S GOING ON AND THAT'S SO AMAZING," and I was like, "...oh okay cool then." Writing creepy things is my element, after all! I'm perfectly attuned to what makes people twitch, so it's easy for me to exploit that for my own gain. ♥ So anyway, I'm glad it went over well.

During our workshop, it had stopped raining! And then the second I started going back to my apartment, it started again. I COULD NOT WIN TODAY. It was sprinkling when I went to go get lunch and then pouring when I came running back with food in hand. (Ah, drinking rain is okay in small doses, hopefully? Because it got in my water cup.) And then when I went to my poetry section later on in the day, it began raining again after hours of nothing just for me.

You know, having lived in Seattle, Las Vegas, and now San Diego, I've noticed the three cities have very different attitudes on rain. In Washington, no one cared. It was just a daily thing. It was somewhat irritating, but you got used to it. In Las Vegas, it's like the greatest thing ever, like a special treat. And here? Most of the reactions I heard today were, "F**k, it's raining?" "What the f***k is this weather?" "Are you f**king kidding me?" Ah, San Diego, thank you for your happy medium.

I guess now I should go brush up on my readings for my ethics class tomorrow. We have an essay due sometime in the future that we're getting the prompt for this weekend, and meanwhile my section TA is going to have us do group presentations due next Friday. She says that it will be easy, since we'll be doing our essays at the same time. Yeah. It's still extra work. But whatever. We're getting the groups and the assignments tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. I also have a Spanish essay due next Wednesday that I got the prompt for yesterday, so guess what I'm doing this weekend! (Answer: WATCHING TOWARD THE TERRA.)


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