Jan. 15th, 2009

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HEY GUYS, IS THERE ANYTHING YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO ASK ME? This is your one chance to ask me whatever you want, and I'll answer no matter what!
Additionally, are there any topics you'd like me to write entries about?
Ask as much as you'd like, you know how much I love writing!

I was kindly donated funds, so today I went to the bookstore! At first I couldn't find a sale sign, but then I located it on the top shelf. So I cheerfully picked out Switch 5 (whose cover I looove) and Wild Adapter 1 (so now I have all of the available volumes!) and went over to the cash register.

Of course, I was charged full price for both of them (I was expecting that), so then I pointed out the sale. The guy didn't know about it, so he went to some girl, who expressed disbelief too. But when I showed them the sign, her face fell. It turned out that they had failed to take it down! Worse yet, I was the third person to find signs that they had forgotten.

"Sorry," I said as they gave me the discount, which they were obligated to do, and then I skipped out of the store.

The rest of my day was good too.

One more day, and then three-day weekend, yay!


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