Jan. 14th, 2009

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OKAY I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO WRITE SOMETHING TODAY. This is an update about my life. I'm in a bit of a rush, so I'm not bothering with paragraphs/complete thoughts, sorry.

-My Code professor eats at the same place as I do after class. He always seems like he's staring straight at me during lecture, but he hasn't noticed me afterward yet, so whatev.
-I really like codes. So far it's my most enjoyable class SOB SOB WILL I EVER LIKE MY MAJOR CLASSES.
-I am crap at writing poetry, and everyone is better than me. Maybe. I haven't actually read their poems yet, but I skimmed them, and they're all...just better than mine, or at least they use flowery language. I am not the type to do that. Mine is stated upfront and bluntly because that's how I am. I am slightly dreading tomorrow when we're going to have to talk about them with each other, but oh well. (ETA: I read them fully. Some of them are better than mine, but I like mine the most. As it should be.)
-Today someone asked my Spanish Literature TA if we were having an essay in class on Friday (as it said we were on the syllabus), and he said (in English even!), "No, it's like a pop quiz. It's up to me to decide when it happens. It's mine." And he said the last bit just like Basil in Faulty Towers; it was hilarious. Everyone was completely freaked out.
-I am also enjoying Ethics and Society, but I keep zoning out during class. (I've always been able to do this without missing out on important information, though, so I'm not that worried.) I spent about two and a half hours yesterday reading articles about abortion.

-My bookstore is having a 30% off sale on manga. They haven't gotten the latest volumes of the series I read in yet, though, but they do have Switch 5. I'm really tempted to get it, but I spent all of my Christmas money on schoolbooks/groceries/laundry quarters. Sadface.
-I finished Switch 3 yesterday! I outright hated it, which was a bit sad since I liked the second volume. But I had fun reading it anyway.
-Yesterday I watched Junjou Romantica episode 11. But I have nothing to say about it other than, "Dude, having sex in a public hot spring is totally unhygenic."
-I was a bit annoyed to see that it was another episode about Misaki and Usagi, though. I thought to myself angrily, "You know, they might as well call the series Junjou Romantica!" And then I palmfaced at myself.
-It is in the eighties here. I do not believe this is actually January. I am in my lightest t-shirt. Luckily some loser put the thermostat in the low sixties because she was so annoyed and realized she didn't have to pay for it, so it's nice and cool in here.
-I want to watch the Korean Boys Over Flowers! But I have to do schoolwork first, urgh.
-OH YEAH, I have an external DVR drive now!! I am so happy~~ I don't know if it works, though, because I left all my DVDs at home during break. I figured that if I did that, I'd find a cheap enough DVR drive just to stick it to me. And look, my plan worked~! But anyway, sooner or later I'll get those sent to me, and then I can finally watch Murder City again~~


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