Jan. 5th, 2009

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I am a dead person. I woke up this morning and learned this. S-Secret stress again... But I'm going to go to anime club anyway! I prefer to be undead in open places.

Today I had three of my four classes! First up was that code making/breaking class, which looks to be pretty fun! At least, I'm excited. Y'know, I was writing thank-you notes, and I kept talking about my classes and going, "Not that I'll be able to use this information anywhere!" But, with any luck, that will be a lie.

Then I had lunch, and then I went to my Spanish Literature class. The TA didn't show up until directly at one o'clock, and then when I saw him through the window, my heart dropped a little bit. For...It was my TA from last quarter. But oh well! The only thing I don't like about him is how he grades essays. I like his teaching style just fine. For example, he doesn't like doing oral reports because they take up too much class time, so we won't be having any. And thus, the class is doable. ...Except for the essay part. I'll investigate changing to Pass/Fail. Today we had to do that dreaded pre-test to make sure that we were in the right level, but he said that the students that he had before didn't have to do it, so I was spared. Hooray!

After that, I had to dash over to my Ethics and Society class! I had previously timed this walk earlier in the day and appraised it to be seven minutes. But I made it there in roughly two and a half. I have no thoughts on the class so far because I don't know how it's going to be. Hopefully easy? It's basically about making an argument, and, well, I can do that just fine. (Even though these days my retorts seem to be limited to, "Why should you take my side? Because I'm Jillian Lastname." What else do I need to say?) The lectures might be a little boring, but I'll wait and see.

So in other news, I just watched Junjou Romantica 10, which made me roll my eyes a bit when it introduced the oh-so-original idea of a fiancee. But I thought it ended up being applied quite nicely (and it's not Usagi's fiancee, and she's not interested in him, so whatev). The episode actually ended up being mainly about Haruhiko's issues, which I enjoyed hearing about just because I like Haruhiko. If he existed, I would probably be interested in him. Except for the whole...Misaki thing, which turns me off.

Speaking of Misaki, I was actually surprised to realize that I liked him this episode! His reactions for once didn't make me angry, and I even emphasized with him a little in regards to the whole Usami-chichi telling him to stay away from his sons. For, when I was a child, parents usually slightly resented me because I was a bad influence on their children. This was something that was never actually stated, but I could see it on their faces. So I could understand perfectly. I also thought it was kind of cute when Misaki couldn't figure out why he was being told this (thinking it was because of his social status), even though at the same time I was a bit annoyed, since Misaki always brings up how he and Usagi are both guys, so... The pre-credits ending to the episode, though, was really not in line with the sentiment of the rest of the episode, heh.

Most of the above was written before anime club, but now I've returned. There I learned that even the dead...can die again. I am now going to crash and go to sleep really early. And then I'll wake up and go to my one class tomorrow!


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