Jan. 4th, 2009

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WELL HERE I AM, BACK AT LA JOLLA. I'm pretty tired, I think. I woke up at 6:08 AM today after a long night of creepy dreams. Seriously, it was like a "Best of..." series. And now I have school tomorrow. My twenty-three days of vacation are at an end.

Today I read Switch 2, which was thankfully better than the first one. Or, at least, more interesting. And-- I couldn't believe it-- there was finally subtext. At first I thought it would be limited to Kai swinging an arm over Hal in one panel, but the last arc in the volume revolves around a suicidal honors student whoring himself out to pervy male teachers, so. Yeah. (I have to say that I like honors students who do stuff like that; smart kids who do bad things. I was always so banal in that area.)

The best part of the entire volume was how Hal (who previously saved the kid from killing himself) was apparently pinged by his gaydar and, as the kid was attempting to curse him out, pretty much sexually harassed the kid to the fullest in a single panel. It was simply amazing. I was reading this on the airplane, and I happened to come to that panel right when the seatbelt sign dinged off at the end of the flight, so I had to wait a couple hours to see what happened after. (COMEDIC MISUNDERSTANDINGS was what. And they were actually funny!) I can't wait to read the third volume! ...WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

Meanwhile, my dad has gotten me hooked on Twin Peaks. I'm on the fourth episode. I still don't really understand this turn of events. I knew the show's name as a kid, but I never ever saw myself ever watching it. Ever. And yet, here I am, enjoying it. I used to wonder what my younger self would think if she met the current me, but I think I know now. She would just stare at me in disbelief for so many, many reasons. Oh well.


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