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SO THIS WEEK... I had to find a faculty adviser for my internship. I actually started doing this like three or four weeks ago, but basically no one was able to help me. I ended up writing several emails and meeting a lot of people over it (you can imagine how much I enjoyed this), and eventually (yesterday) the director of the internship program hooked me up with an adviser. Luckily, that panned out! I guess I should have gotten in contact with the director sooner; it's not like I went in twice or sent her two emails before then or anything. I'm trying not to be bitter, but the process was really stressful. Everything worked out, though, so I should be grateful. Hopefully the program and my college approve me!

CLASSES ENDED. I'm going to miss my Playwriting class the most. The people there were just awesome. Probably the best memory I'm going to take away from it was when one girl wrote a comedy and cast me as a religious nut who swears all the time. Everyone laughed after all my lines. :'D I had to say, "Christians unite!" and I'd say it really, really cheerfully, and after that my TA kept saying that to me at random intervals...

I'm also really grateful that I took that Short Fiction class. My professor was super nice, and I wouldn't mind taking another class with her. We read some cool stories in there too. Hearing everyone's stories was also really interesting, comparing and contrasting their styles and everything... I think I got stronger as a writer, too. I still don't think I'm a good writer, but I'm getting there. I still remember a few years ago when I thought that writing was something you're either naturally good at or you're not, so it was hopeless for me to try to get better. But I'm glad to be proving myself wrong.

Now I'm off to start my Primeval essay. I was reading interviews with the writers and actors, and it really reminded me why I love that show! It's definitely my third-favorite British show (behind Murder City and Spaced, and edging out Blackadder). I'm waiting patiently for 2011!


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