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I had barbecue for Thanksgiving!! It was delicious like I figured it would be! Anyway, this is a SHORT POST because I have things to do! (this Naruto arc man oh man do you know how happily I squealed watching Sasuke's eye get torn out [however not in actuality that happened] oh maaaan it made me so happy)

Yesterday I got two Roxy shirts, two pairs of jeans (I went down a size yessss), a suitcase, fro-yo, and a pair of Converse! I am happy. Tomorrow we're getting me a pair of red high-tops to make me even happier. I don't know where we're going for Black Friday yet because all I really want is UP which isn't even on sale haha oh self this is going nowhere good. POSING QUESTION: WILL I END UP WITH NOTHING ON A BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN? The answer will come tomorrow. But I'm getting a Frappuchino no matter what because why do you THINK I'm waking up that early? (Uh, like, 4:30 or something.) For the Frappuchino. Duh.

Also I've been rereading Young Avengers Presents, so expect a post on that. You know, like all the other Marvel posts I've promised over the last few months. HA. HA. HA.
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