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Yesterday I went to the aquarium! I had to do a 4-paged worksheet for my class. It was really boring and involved going through exhibits and watching scientists talk for an hour. But I got to go look at the fish, and they had THE CUTEST LEOPARD SHARKS EVER. There were three of them in the tank with some other fish, and they each had their own personalities! There was one at the top of the tank with this HUGE SMILE who kept sticking his head out of the water and sticking it back in and swimming quickly around, and then there was in the middle with a half-smile who was just kinda following him around, and then there was one near the ground who was all >| >| >| and swimming warily and ahhhh I could have watched them forever. I was grinning so hard. It made the entire thing worth it.

So today I volunteered to have my play revision done by Tuesday! I also have to have one of my stories revised by Tuesday (I'm doing the jousei one, natch). And I have to meet my fiction professor to talk about my second story. And I have a science midterm on Monday. I guess it's not as much as I thought... I guess I should also start researching for my Sci-Fi paper. I decided to do it on Heat Guy J because Gundam is so high school (aunque Yzak aún es soldado que lucha contra su amigo). But today I started thinking I don't have the effort to think about sci-fi elements in that series I should do Primeval instead. Because Primeval is Primeval.

I'm off to do homework now!
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